Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks
Floyd pink top / Lucien Pellat-Finet skull jacket / McQ by Alexander McQueen mini skirt, $850 / J Brand mid rise jeans / Alexander Wang leather booties / Madewell shoes / adidas vintage style shoes, $96 / will leather goods mini bag / Sheila Fajl silver plated jewelry / Hippie jewelry / Joseph slouchy hat, $180 / Men’s Miners Wash Flannel Shirt / VOLCOM Nova Slim Straight Mens Jeans / PAUL SMITH Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon – 180 Gram…, $47
As with many shows in the 90s (My So Called Life and Twin Peaks) and even today (Arrested Development and Wonderfalls), the best ones always seem to get cancelled before everyone catching on to their awesomeness. Freaks and Geeks was on for one awesome season in 1999 and it was a masterpiece. I can recite almost every episode. Unlike the Gossip Girl shows of today, with their preposterously designer and out of context ensembles, Freaks and Geeks effortlessly authentic highschool wardrobes were a large part of their charm. It also tracked the tentative split of fashion in the 70s which was largely uniform into the early 80s splintered smorgasbord of punk, preppy, disco, early grunge and material girls.

The Freaks and Geeks look is easy to achieve. First, the look is secondhand and effortless, while also maintaining pieces that defines you. Lindsey does this with her quarter sleeve t-shirts and army surplus jacket, showing that even though she is a “geek” in her heart, shes a “freak” to the world. Essential pieces are jean jackets, corduroy paints, button down flannel and plaid, leather jackets and boots, and importantly–Band T-shirts!


Plastic Dreams

Plastic Dreams

Plastic Dreams

Bay area native and Nola resident recently released the new single “Plastic Dreams” featuring a new New Orleans dream pop duo– Johanna Fay. Get ready for G-Eazy’s new album “Must Be Nice” and more from Johanna Fay in fall 2012.

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Somewhere in Twin Peaks: Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne
H&M cable knit sweater, $20 / Etro black pencil skirt / Frye shoes / Cherry jewelry / Peugeot jewelry / Karen Walker Eyewear cat eye sunglasses / Giorgio Armani lip stick


This is Katherine, gingersnap here, and I wanted to talk about one of my favorite style inspirations…the girls from Twin Peaks! For your consideration, I present Audrey Horne, vixen extraordinaire.


This show was so great, and so weird! I loved the American Gothic in the woods element, the kitschy music, and crazy locals. But most of all, I loved the female characters in it. They are all strong, complicated, and intelligent women! Audrey Horne, especially.  One of the things I liked about Audrey was that, in the first season, she dressed deliberately on the verge of womanly and innocently. She would wear her little Oxford flats and then switch into red pumps when she got to school and that change would take her from sweet innocent Audrey, to a vixen in a plaid skirt.


Another amazing thing about twin peaks fashion, is how they fuse together the best aspects of late 50’s and late 80’s Fashion. The hair styles, makeup, and outfit silhouettes are all very Marilyn Monroe and classic, but the outfit are  pure 80s crazy-brain colors and patterns.



Want to look like Audrey Horne? We got 50’s pumps, plaid skirts, and retro blouses to complete that look at the Store! Come on and get your vixen on!


Pre-Fall and Fall is the perfect time for those of us who like a little less color in our wardrobes. After the brights, pastels and neons of Spring/Summer, Autumn is our time to shine. But just as seemingly endless days of gloomy grey and snowy white get dull after time, an all-black wardrobe just might do the same. So here are few ways to get ready for fall and keep your dark self interesting.


For when you are feeling monochromatic, you can mix it up and keep it interesting by playing with texture. Work with leather, knits, mesh, embellishments, and hold onto those denim cutoffs you bought/made this summer. The denim and frayed edges add texture as well, especially with a printed or lace pair of tights once the temperature starts to drop.



Almost Black

Sometimes my eyes need to rest on some color, and I love deep, rich tones. Plum, emerald, navy, teal, royal purple and chocolate brown aren’t just great colors for your jewelry and nails. All of the colors pair wonderfully with neutral tones and even with themselves. A “pop of color” doesn’t have to be fuschia or lime.



Prints & Graphics

For me personally, plaid and houndstooth, while classic, can be a bit predictable. If you’re into vintage or cutting edge fashion, you’ll find a lot of interesting, different and just wacky prints. They make everyday pieces edgy, and make your outfit stand out. Galaxy print is of course blowing up everywhere, but there’s also animal prints (and I don’t mean circles and stripes, the whole animal), abstract, and 80’s Cosby zig-zags. Graphics are also getting a lot cooler, with skulls, words, and my favorite, cats!

Written by Meghan Wright of  FashionablyMeg!
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Street Style: Attack of the Maxi

It is officially August and here in New Orleans its still hot as hell! Check out some of our favorite celebrities showing off their maxis, in a perfectly paired way to take summer into fall!

Emma Roberts

Kate Bosworth

Vanessa Hudgens

Isabel Lucas

Rachel Bilson

How do you wear a Maxi? Send us your pictures to to be featured!

XoXo, Revival

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Another Dimension

As you probably have noticed we are obsessed with 3d fashion photography. We put together a little of inspirational pictures for you to see why we are so in love!!  3d is not just for movies anymore!

We are a sucker for Isabeli Fontana! Check out her 3D shoot with Jaques Dequeker!

Now we arent saying we are professionals, but we sure as hell will give it a try!

Check out our take on this new dimension of fashion photography.

The future is here!

XoXo, Revival