Pre-Fall and Fall is the perfect time for those of us who like a little less color in our wardrobes. After the brights, pastels and neons of Spring/Summer, Autumn is our time to shine. But just as seemingly endless days of gloomy grey and snowy white get dull after time, an all-black wardrobe just might do the same. So here are few ways to get ready for fall and keep your dark self interesting.


For when you are feeling monochromatic, you can mix it up and keep it interesting by playing with texture. Work with leather, knits, mesh, embellishments, and hold onto those denim cutoffs you bought/made this summer. The denim and frayed edges add texture as well, especially with a printed or lace pair of tights once the temperature starts to drop.



Almost Black

Sometimes my eyes need to rest on some color, and I love deep, rich tones. Plum, emerald, navy, teal, royal purple and chocolate brown aren’t just great colors for your jewelry and nails. All of the colors pair wonderfully with neutral tones and even with themselves. A “pop of color” doesn’t have to be fuschia or lime.



Prints & Graphics

For me personally, plaid and houndstooth, while classic, can be a bit predictable. If you’re into vintage or cutting edge fashion, you’ll find a lot of interesting, different and just wacky prints. They make everyday pieces edgy, and make your outfit stand out. Galaxy print is of course blowing up everywhere, but there’s also animal prints (and I don’t mean circles and stripes, the whole animal), abstract, and 80’s Cosby zig-zags. Graphics are also getting a lot cooler, with skulls, words, and my favorite, cats!

Written by Meghan Wright of  FashionablyMeg!
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