Somewhere in Twin Peaks: Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne
H&M cable knit sweater, $20 / Etro black pencil skirt / Frye shoes / Cherry jewelry / Peugeot jewelry / Karen Walker Eyewear cat eye sunglasses / Giorgio Armani lip stick


This is Katherine, gingersnap here, and I wanted to talk about one of my favorite style inspirations…the girls from Twin Peaks! For your consideration, I present Audrey Horne, vixen extraordinaire.


This show was so great, and so weird! I loved the American Gothic in the woods element, the kitschy music, and crazy locals. But most of all, I loved the female characters in it. They are all strong, complicated, and intelligent women! Audrey Horne, especially.  One of the things I liked about Audrey was that, in the first season, she dressed deliberately on the verge of womanly and innocently. She would wear her little Oxford flats and then switch into red pumps when she got to school and that change would take her from sweet innocent Audrey, to a vixen in a plaid skirt.


Another amazing thing about twin peaks fashion, is how they fuse together the best aspects of late 50’s and late 80’s Fashion. The hair styles, makeup, and outfit silhouettes are all very Marilyn Monroe and classic, but the outfit are  pure 80s crazy-brain colors and patterns.



Want to look like Audrey Horne? We got 50’s pumps, plaid skirts, and retro blouses to complete that look at the Store! Come on and get your vixen on!

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