Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks
Floyd pink top / Lucien Pellat-Finet skull jacket / McQ by Alexander McQueen mini skirt, $850 / J Brand mid rise jeans / Alexander Wang leather booties / Madewell shoes / adidas vintage style shoes, $96 / will leather goods mini bag / Sheila Fajl silver plated jewelry / Hippie jewelry / Joseph slouchy hat, $180 / Men’s Miners Wash Flannel Shirt / VOLCOM Nova Slim Straight Mens Jeans / PAUL SMITH Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon – 180 Gram…, $47
As with many shows in the 90s (My So Called Life and Twin Peaks) and even today (Arrested Development and Wonderfalls), the best ones always seem to get cancelled before everyone catching on to their awesomeness. Freaks and Geeks was on for one awesome season in 1999 and it was a masterpiece. I can recite almost every episode. Unlike the Gossip Girl shows of today, with their preposterously designer and out of context ensembles, Freaks and Geeks effortlessly authentic highschool wardrobes were a large part of their charm. It also tracked the tentative split of fashion in the 70s which was largely uniform into the early 80s splintered smorgasbord of punk, preppy, disco, early grunge and material girls.

The Freaks and Geeks look is easy to achieve. First, the look is secondhand and effortless, while also maintaining pieces that defines you. Lindsey does this with her quarter sleeve t-shirts and army surplus jacket, showing that even though she is a “geek” in her heart, shes a “freak” to the world. Essential pieces are jean jackets, corduroy paints, button down flannel and plaid, leather jackets and boots, and importantly–Band T-shirts!



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