DIY COSTUMES: Everyday wear to Halloween

We have racked our brains to show you  how to take your wearable wardrobe to halloween fresh.  With minimal added pieces you can have a perfect and creative costume that will save you time, cash, and sanity! Be warned we love the 90’s.

Matilda from The Professional

Clarissa Darling or Clarissa & Sam for a sweet couple costume!!

The ladies from The Craft!


Madeline from Death Becomes Her!

The Dudes from Bio Dome!

Good Ole Hipster Urkel from Family Matter!

Another cute couple idea! Wendy & Kevin from The Wonder Years.

So thats just a few ideas we put together…We are sure your brains are swelled.  Take some time, breath and discuss.

While you are at it, snap some pictures of your cool costumes and send them over to us. Maybe we will give the best one some free stuff!

Xo, Revival

Send your pictures to us at!

We love Western

We love Western