Revival Outpost Favorite: is an online diamond. The founder, Tavi Gevinson, has been working her butt off being young, fabulous, and successful with her fashion blog since she was 13. Tavi Gevinson is a teen fashion and style blogger , self-proclaimed feminist, and editor in chief extraordinaire of She started off, uploading quirky, avant-garde ensembles she was wearing to her Midwestern middle school. She caught on with the generational z’ers of the early days of Facebook and Tumblr with her first website and blew up in the industry, before becoming the youngest working invitee to Paris Fashion Week.

Since then, she has shifted her new blog,, to have a focus less clothes-centric and more holistic for young girls. It has original fiction and editorials, music playlists and recommendations, and a hefty supplies of easy, cheap projects for her rabid style loving followers. I have followed Tavi Gevinson since she was emerging on the fashion scene, about 3 years ago, where the subject of whether or not a 13 year old is capable of such defined style and self-possession. Many people suspected she was a gimmick or a corporate ploy, but has since proved her authenticity beyond any doubts with her enriching website with its positive message:

“I wanted to start a website for teenaged girls that was not kind of this one-dimensional strong character empowerment thing, because one thing that can be very alienating about a misconception of feminism in that girls then think that to be feminists they have to live up to being perfectly consistent in their beliefs, never being insecure, never having doubts, having all the answers. . . and this is not true and actually recognizing all the contradictions I was feeling became easier once I realized that feminism was not a rulebook but a discussion, a conversation, a process.” — Tavi Gevinson.



My two favorite crafts are the painfully adorable watermelon nails, which make for a nice touch of irony as the weather cools. I also adored the diy jacket project, which I modified to make my very own purple acid wash jacket, with a painted Day of the Dead skulls on the back, perfect for Mardi Gras.


She also has lush, 35 mm fashion photo-shoots of various style shoots sent in by readers and collaborators  Theses are breathing-taking  shoots filled with real girls with real bodies, breaking at the seams with risky fashion trends and choices rarely highlighted by thin-fetishistic magazines. Also, these shoots promote diy clothing creations and thrift gems, which of course, Revival Outpost is a huge fan of. Not every-girl can afford labels, Tavi acknowledges this, by choosing to select her shoots bases on creativity and innovation, not on the total price tag.