Blogger Roundup

All evidence we have to date proves that the main medium for fashion chicks and dicks in this day and age is blogging. Every day I meet people that are hopping on the blogging train…but what about those people that have stuck it out from the beginning…or the almost-beginning? We can’t all be Tavi Gevinson, unfortunately.


Ugh. It’s so hard not to be jealous of her. She’s so cute. 

Lets start with the Queen of all Blogger Queens: Bri Emery.


Creative genius. Half the creator of blogshop. An explosion of minimalism and color and beautiful images. She has fantastic content! Whether you’re into interior design, graphic design, or you just love pretty things, Designlovefest is for you.



See? And look at all of the things she does for you. She posts recipes, multiple cute laptop and iPhone background downloads, style posts, and even maps/things to do in certain cities around the world on the reg. 


Hit her up. I visit her site multiple times a day. It’s a problem.

Next, there is everyone’s favorite UO badass: Jessie Barber


She loves Woody Allen, tattoos (are you swooning yet?), vintage patches, thrifting, and iced coffee. I’m biased because, truly, I only enjoy cold coffee. She is the girl you want to take to the city to help you explore abandoned apartments, find hole-in-the-wall cafes, and sluggishly pull each other along the cobblestone streets in and out of thrift stores to find those great pieces you just know are going to rest behind someone’s grandmother’s $300 fur coat. 


Her content is on the same level as Bri’s. Original, stylish, effortless. Jess definitely stays true to who she is (the representation of who she is through the medium–we don’t really know who she is now, do we?). And can we talk about this nail art?


Her instagram is also just as fantastic: @chaplinnn


Can we talk about how Karla Deras could put on a paper bag and still look effortless and cool? She’s that girl who looks cute and fabulous in anything she drapes on her body.



She’s the girl that invites you to brunch and then changes your life by showing you the best places to buy vintage. 


She also has a jewelry line called LoveGold and creates inspirational monthly moodboards.


Faces on faces on faces on gold. 


NEXT: I was very intimidated when I first stumbled upon I Hate Blonde. Ms. Lynch is that badass chick that #werks the sidewalk runway of New York donning little-to-any articles of clothing with Empire-State-Building-High heeled boots.


I found her when I was around fifteen (in the midst of attending an all girl’s Catholic high school) and thought the words I was reading were sin. 


But her writing is vague and mysterious and poetic and makes me want to sell everything I own and move to Brooklyn and buy a polaroid camera and have drunken adventures with skater boys.


Is it really that irrational? 


Then there comes my new favorite: Do The Hotpants.


This chick is just a clusterfuck of ridiculous. And I love it. Readers eat it up. She’s fearless, creative, and definitely someone you would want to invite with you to go out on a smoldering New Orleans Saturday night. 



She’s hysterical and wears rope for belts. What else do you want in a blogger? 





Have you been a follower of these kick-ass ladies? What are some of your favorite blogs? Keep watch, we have a men’s blogger list coming up soon.

All images are from each specific blogger’s site. 


One thought on “Blogger Roundup

  1. I unabashedly squealed reading this post because you have on my two favourite bloggers of all time! I actually started reading blogs because of Karla, so she will always have a special place in my heart. As for Bri, I only came across her blog Jan of last year and I have been addicted ever since. Just like you. Would also cut an arm to attend Blogshop. Alas it would require me to travel across oceans (that means two arms off – then what? Go through Blogshop using my feet? Actually that could work…)

    ps. I can’t wait to check out the other badass chicks you have on here.

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