Never say Never: Kimonos

You know those things that you swear you will never wear ever in your whole life?

And then somehow they creep up and catch you at your weakest moment. And then you’re obsessed?

(Like camo prints and birkenstocks coming back into trend this year? Yeah?)

That’s me and kimonos.

I have slowly fallen more and more in love with kimonos.

Kimonos as outerwear. Kimonos as dresses. Kimonos as capes.

Kimonos as anything.

But it’s a little terrifying to wear them in public and watch people wonder why you exited your house wearing  a partial robe.

These stylish babes will ease your social discomfort and allow you to metaphysically give the finger to anyone who questions your sartorial badassery.


Look how casual this is! Perfect for the transition of summer to fall.

Plus, you can wear them so many different ways.


Sexy and cool.

Don’t lie. You know you wish you could rock anything Mary-Kate Olsen puts on her body.

Well now you can.


Girly and flirty.


You can also buy them as dresses, which takes care of the whole slit-down-the-middle problem.


Finally, the queen of all things flowy and bohemian: Jessa Johansson



She’s probably my favorite character on Girls. You should definitely check the show out if you haven’t yet.


Belt that silk and #werq it.

Freaky Friday: Witchy Women


Endora from Bewitched

The Halloween season is upon us and right now we’re all about witches.  The great thing about witches is their diverse spectrum of wicked style and versatility! From teen witches to witch housewives, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.  So break out the caldron!  We’ve gathered some images to inspire you.  Why not infuse some of this magical flavor into your fashion brew? Let’s get spooky!


Anjelica Huston in Witches


The Craft


Fairuza Balk in The Craft


Sabrina the Teenage Witch








Light as a feather, Stiff as a board… in overalls! The Craft


Anjelica Huston’s day to night witchy transformation


Zelda Rubinstein in Teen Witch


Robyn Lively in Teen Witch

Can We Talk About…Henry Busby?


Meet the handsome Henry Busby, a 21 year old photographer and filmmaker based out of Alabama.



His portraits are my favorite. He seems to be a master of light and color; they are simply stunning. The detailing makes them look almost painted. And for someone so young? Holy shit. He is so talented.


Is it too soon/pretentious to say he’s the Andy Warhol of photographers?


Look at that color, though!


Maybe I’m just not educated in art enough. But I think so.

Anyways, he takes some damn good pictures of cake, too.



It’s interesting to look at photographers work. Everyone can say they are a photographer now because of the fantastic capability on our phone’s camera and a couple of half-assed app filters. But it’s a real art. You have to have an eye.

Theres a lot of different types of jobs that you need a certain eye for, but we can talk about that some other time.

Busby has that eye, though. And I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for his career.


PageImage-505856-4013804-phoot_6 PageImage-505856-4552346-potentialheader PageImage-505856-5128801-phoot_21_alt PageImage-505856-5128804-phoot_15

Check him out:



Revival Ladies: Christina Flannery

Christina Flannery

The woman behind it all.

The owner, fashionista, stylist, photographer.

Queen Bee.

Peak into the life of the lady that made The Revival Outpost what it is today!


What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Can I pick a few? Darkwing Duck, The whole group from Ahhhh Real Monsters, and Beetlejuice (the tv show).

I have two of these guys tattooed on me and will be getting the others soon! Notice I said tattooed not tatted. Thats just annoying.

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a Narwhal. Majestic little shits they are!

Whats your all time favorite garment of all time?

My vintage Gunne Sax Prairie Dress!


Describe your style in three words.

Three words!? Thats too hard. I dont really fit into a box. I have extremely bright treasure troll hair, I wear vintage every day, and my T-shirt collection is probably better then anyone I know.


Describe your personality in three words.

Intense, Outgoing, and Frugal

Tell me about the birth of Revival.

Many moons ago I helped open stores in Florida. I’ve been at this Buy/Sell/Trade game for about 8 years now. I opened the store originally uptown about 2 years ago. We got an offer to move to the French Quarter in Jan of this year. The space is three times the size, beautifully New Orleans, and just seemed to be a perfect fit for us! We’ve been here ever since and loving ever minute of it! Oh and can I mention I went to a psychic and he predicted my move months before! Creepy!


Give me a little background about you, where you’re from and why you’re staying in New Orleans. 

I am from all over the US, but primarily the south. I run Revival and am also a buyer in the film industry. I have a cat named Uly and the coolest damn friends a girl could ask for! I fall in love with New Orleans a little bit more everyday. The thought of leaving her makes me sad, but I never know where the road is going to take me. I live my life that way.


You obviously live a cool life and are doing many different things, what are some other things you’re up to recently?

I’m a wardrobe stylist, I sometimes take photos, and I volunteer at a kick ass place called Spay Mart!


Revival Ladies: Hannah Alford


Hannah Alford

Artist, photographer, model, buyer…the list goes on and on. 

I got a chance to sit down with this little Revival Lady at her cute slingshot Uptown apartment to talk about Revival, life, and spirit animals. Check it out!


What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

“Pepper Ann.”

What is your spirit animal?


What’s your favorite garment of all time? 

“I have these suede, gold-tipped vintage shoes that I got from Goodwill years ago. They’re ancient, gorgeous. Definitely my favorite garment or anything in my closet ever. I want to put them in a glass case and never get rid of them!”


Describe your style and personality in three words.

“Fashion wise I can go from grungy, badass and leathery to a vintage dress and socks and heels. Personality wise, I guess just kind of artistic in a couple of different ways that I rotate around.” 

Are you still painting?

“Yeah, trying to get back into it. My dad is supposed to be making some crazy canvases again and hopefully I’ll get into that. My dad is an artist. I’m trying to get back into the nude…nude-y kind of abstract.” 


How long have you been working for Revival? 

“Six months. I did a photoshoot with them two years ago and that’s how the connection came about.”

Give me a little background about you; where you’ve come from and why you want to stay in New Orleans.

“So…I’m originally from Louisiana. I moved to Texas, back to Louisiana, and then went to Europe. Then I went back to Texas and did my little ‘art thing’ for a while. Before that I was into fashion week and doing photoshoots like that here [New Orleans], and then I moved to Texas, did my art thing, and didn’t have any type of fashion or anything there. I moved back here to get more into styling and the fashion world. I’m building my self-made career on personal styling and doing photoshoots and fun events and stuff like that.”


You’re 18, you’re very young. Would you say you’re at a place in your life where you’re dabbling in many different areas or have you pinpointed exactly what you want?

“I feel like I’ve travelled a lot, like when I was younger, and I quit school to just experience things and different cultures and different kinds of people. I’ve moved around as much as I can on my own. I feel like I’ve lived a lot for as young as I am. I feel like now I know what I want to do and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. I love it. Revival isn’t even like a job for me at all, I love it so much. It’s so fun for me. Being able to put an outfit together for someone and make them feel absolutely beautiful and feel confident; I just want to–all together–make a person feel beautiful and confident. But there are many things that you can do to do that.” 

What made you want to leave when you were sixteen? 

“It was just a really bad year in lots of different ways. I was in this crazy state of mind, as I guess a 16-year-old always is, but as an artist I was very turned into myself and very not happy with what I was doing with my life. It was something that definitely needed to happen or I would be a completely different person right now. I decided and told my mom I was going to leave. My outer family definitely shut me out for a little while but saw how well I was doing through e-mail, Facebook and pictures and stuff like that. I went straight to Europe to see my sister in Ukraine. I didn’t even work. I saved up everything since I was 13 and stayed for a month and a half and then went straight to Texas. I did that whole shebang. Then I came back here and was going to do the whole school thing, but I really don’t feel like I need to. I’m happy.”


That’s very brave. All the chances that young people don’t understand or would not actually take because they’re such a risk you hopped onto. You’re obviously very independent. Do you find what you did courageous? Was that scary for you?

“Moving? I was terrified. It wasn’t courageous at all for me. I felt almost like a runaway child, ’cause I was like, ‘I need to do this. I need to go away.’ I felt like a rebel. But when I actually did it and had to take care of myself and stuff like that, I freaked out. It was very terrifying. As time went on and I had to force myself to be very independent and take care of myself, it became very beautiful to me. I was very proud of the way I took care of myself. People said I couldn’t do it and I blew it out of the water and did it…overdid it. It was good.” 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Faves


Jeremy Scott

Hey fashion freaks!

Feast your eyes on looks from three of our favorite S/S 2014 collections at New York Fashion Week.  We love these fresh takes on the classic sportswear New York is so famous for dishing out.  Bon Appetit!


Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali never disappoints.  Her mastery of wearable, sexy knitwear is irresistible.  Of course we love the nineties flair!


Norma Kamali


Norma Kamali


Norma Kamali


Norma Kamali


Alexander Wang

You can always count on Alexander Wang for a collection full of pieces worth coveting.  This season he serves up his usual too-cool-to-give-a-damn styling, clean lines, and impeccable fabrication for a youthful look that is American sportswear at its finest. Yummy!


Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang


Jeremy Scott

Once again Jeremy Scott proves humor and fashion are a winning combo.  Our mouths are watering over his latest vision.  His flamboyant use of color, print, and type are sending us over the edge.  How can you not have a party when you’re wearing these clothes?


Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott

For more collections check out

The Uniform

I’ve been keeping up with my “dressing like an awake person” goal throughout the first couple weeks of college. Instead of falling into the t-shirt and short mantra, I’ve rotated dresses, multicolored pants, mini skirts and midi skirts, tanks and shirts that I’ve cut the shoulder pads out of (I really do love the 80s). But because southern Louisiana doesn’t get much cooler than 90 degrees during the summer (to our out-of-town readers, September for us is still summer…it’s ridiculous) I’ve basically been DYING every day. Why try when you just sweat into a big hot mess after 5 feet of walking? Then one day I put on my mom’s high waisted shorts and a tank top, grabbed a long cardigan, threw on a pair of boots and hurried out the door to find myself…feeling comfortable?



So, naturally, I didn’t wash the shorts for almost a week and switched up the tank tops to convince people that, no, I’m not homeless and yes, I do change my clothes every day.

And then I realized that I had receded back into what I’ve had to wear my entire private school girl life.


The Uniform


            I am not trying to sound ungrateful. I am very happy to have grown up like I did in the school system that I did, etc, etc. BUT, *cue the tragic private school girl blues* for the past 15 years of my life, I’ve had to wear some type of monogramed shirt (for the first 10 years it was a polo, which—I think—is the main origin of my polo hatred) along with the most hideous, hemmed-at-the-awkward-part-of-your-knee plaid kilt skirt.

Kill me.

I missed out on so many things. Major awkward clothing phases. Never ever knowing the latest trends like jellies or scrunchies or those damn gauchos. Not being able to express myself appearance-wise. By the time I got out of high school, I was so done with a uniform.

And now, ladies and dudes, an inside peak at Ashley Monaghan’s personal inner monologue:

I’m going to college now. I’m going to dress cool, and expressive, and wear what I want!

Granted, I go to LSU, so T-shirts and anything Nike is the regular campus sartorial choice and I wouldn’t be judged for joining that party.

But no, damnit. I’m going to wear ridiculous patterns and have fun with my clothing! Say hello to the White Girl Turban. I’m wearing my high waisted, martini and lemon printed grandma pants and nobody can stop me!


And then I got to campus. And then August in Louisiana happened. And then I wore jeans because of work one day and almost got heat stroke and died.

No ma’am.


 So this is about the sixteenth eighth time I’ve worn my uniform. It’s comfortable, easy and cool. I try to mix it up some days by throwing on a dress or a skirt, but mostly I’ve been in this.

Honestly, I like it. A lot. I think I’ll keep it until it’s cold enough to change into something else.

You know, southern Louisiana’s winter is only like, a month and a half from now…right?

Winter needs to happen right now. I have so many beautiful coats that need to be shown to the world.


Anyways, what do you think? Is a uniform a great thing or a type of lazy sartorial shrug? Do you have a uniform? 



Say hello to another new series! Every Wednesday we will post about our badass girl crushes for that week. 

Let’s do this thing.

Today we have a singer/songwriter, a photographer, a blogger, a buyer, and an actress.

First up: Ida Maria.


She’s a Norwegian rock musician. Does that tell you enough?


She kind of appeared out of nowhere. She has an awesome batch of pop songs and has this punk-ish energy and bluesy vocals. The coolest.


She started working with other local musicians in Bergen at the ripe age of 16 before moving to Sweden and finding some ballin’ musicians in Stockholm. She played at Swedish rock clubs until she released her first album, Fortress Round my Heart, in 2008.


In my opinion, Katla is so much better. You just want to jam out and scream the lyrics to her songs alone in your car. Or on a girls night riding down the highway. It’s angsty and many tracks are about people being shitty or guys treatin’ you wrong. 



Next is the beautiful, charming InstaQueen lovin’ an InstaKing: Amanda Jasnowski.


She’s a 21 year old artist/photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. But she grew up in Spain. So.


Her photography is a mixture of film and digital. It’s captivating, moving, and definitely thought-provoking.


Her ability to capture perfect moments is astounding. She catches light in this mysterious, melancholy way unlike many photographers I’ve seen. 


And the projects she works on with her boy are really interesting.


This is her boy: Jimmy Marble. Aka: InstaKing. Another awesome photographer. In my opinion, they’re a powercouple. Adorable, artsy, quirky and eclectic. They both love traveling and photography. I ship them 38223.4 percent.


Check her out on Instagram so you can fangirl like I do: @hokaytokay

Don’t worry, she won’t bite…or will she? The new NastyGal blogger: Steaktooth.


Rachael Finley. Cool girl all around. Spends her free time making lists and drinking wine. Fan of reptiles. The girl that writes honestly and takes kodaks and has friends with long hair that go to bike shows. 


She listens to rap music and grows cacti. 

And her nickname is Steak. So.


That’s her iguana. On her head. Are you crushin’ hard yet?


Check out her blog. She’s hilaaaaaarious.

Probably my favorite girl crush and spirit animal for the past month ever: Kate Foley.


She mixes high fashion with vintage pieces and target finds. She has the raddest house and cutest cat. She loves platforms + socks. She’s fucking British. 


Stop being awesome. I hate you.


Kidding. Please be my best friend.


She’s also a buyer for Opening Ceremony. You know, no big deal.


Put your hands together for the all time girl crush of any Revival fan:


Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

When the movie was released, every cool girl want to be Andie Walsh. Her story is fantastic. It’s timeless. Working-class girl falls for the preppy boy in school and hitches him. Then there is the typical guy best friend who (in this case) openly and obviously loves her. It’s perfect and basically every girl’s high school dream experience. 


She works for a really cool record store, is friends with a super quirky older woman with fantastic fashion sense, makes her own dress and goes to prom by herself because of her awesome girlpower and ability to stand up for herself (take notes, ladies), and snags the love of her teenage life in the end. Tell me you don’t have a major girl crush. 


Personal rant: I know that it’s controversial and it was essential to the story and their friendship…but damnit I wanted Duckie and Andie to get together. So much chemistry and so adorable and their styles explode together. Ugh.


I’m just a little bitter. 


Her style, though. Woah. It’s creative, original, and totally 80s (which I can’t get enough of). 

And her best friend is a well-dressed, hilarious dude. So. 



Who are your girl crushes? Comment and they might get featured next Wednesday. We want to know!


Ida 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Amanda 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Steaktooth 1, 2, 3, 4; Kate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Molly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Can We Talk About…

“Can we talk about” is a phrase I’m constantly saying whenever I become obsessed with a certain object or person and want to point out how fantastic it/they are. I will probably post multiple “This is what I’m obsessing over this week” posts, so I’ve decided to make it a series.


Can we talk about Mark McNairy for one second?

I am a huge fan of menswear. I’ve always loved it. I’ve always been drawn to androgynous things in general. So when I found this guy, one of the essences of cool, I just about died.

His line is called McNasty. MCNASTY. It’s like NastyGal for men.



McNairy is loud and proud. Shameless, brash, and bold. He is mostly known for his shoes. He’s killer at making beautiful boots, loafers, and bucks and has an obvious adoration of camouflage everything.


His craft really shows in his detailing. I love the little elements of surprise that he puts in all of his creations.


So classy.

He recently had a show at NYFW where he pushed the limits, mustered up all the #swag he could, and used camo…again. But I’m not judging.



Urban Safari? Desert City?

So many theme ideas running through my head…


He also opened with this dude…if that tells you anything about his personal life choices.


Don’t those shoes bring you back to fifth grade? God damn, I wish I had those back in the day. With that turquoise sole, I would have been voted Best Dressed in the yearbook even though we had a uniform. That’s how great those are.


This is his daughter, Daisy. He loves using daisy prints in his hats and clothing, so she must feel super special. She models in some of his shows and helps out with his line. She’s super chill and has a constant bitch face. I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while even though she has no idea who I am. #awkward


She runs a blog with her best friend Estelle called Left and Right Co. It’s a personal blog for their friendship and mutual things that they like, but the things that they like are cool enough to click the link and check out.

Anyways, I recommend going over to his website and checking out some of his shoes. They would make a great present for a fashionable boyfriend or super cool father. And if you are a male and do not presently own a pair of McNasties…

get on that shit.

1, 2, 34, 5678, 9