Can We Talk About…

“Can we talk about” is a phrase I’m constantly saying whenever I become obsessed with a certain object or person and want to point out how fantastic it/they are. I will probably post multiple “This is what I’m obsessing over this week” posts, so I’ve decided to make it a series.


Can we talk about Mark McNairy for one second?

I am a huge fan of menswear. I’ve always loved it. I’ve always been drawn to androgynous things in general. So when I found this guy, one of the essences of cool, I just about died.

His line is called McNasty. MCNASTY. It’s like NastyGal for men.



McNairy is loud and proud. Shameless, brash, and bold. He is mostly known for his shoes. He’s killer at making beautiful boots, loafers, and bucks and has an obvious adoration of camouflage everything.


His craft really shows in his detailing. I love the little elements of surprise that he puts in all of his creations.


So classy.

He recently had a show at NYFW where he pushed the limits, mustered up all the #swag he could, and used camo…again. But I’m not judging.



Urban Safari? Desert City?

So many theme ideas running through my head…


He also opened with this dude…if that tells you anything about his personal life choices.


Don’t those shoes bring you back to fifth grade? God damn, I wish I had those back in the day. With that turquoise sole, I would have been voted Best Dressed in the yearbook even though we had a uniform. That’s how great those are.


This is his daughter, Daisy. He loves using daisy prints in his hats and clothing, so she must feel super special. She models in some of his shows and helps out with his line. She’s super chill and has a constant bitch face. I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while even though she has no idea who I am. #awkward


She runs a blog with her best friend Estelle called Left and Right Co. It’s a personal blog for their friendship and mutual things that they like, but the things that they like are cool enough to click the link and check out.

Anyways, I recommend going over to his website and checking out some of his shoes. They would make a great present for a fashionable boyfriend or super cool father. And if you are a male and do not presently own a pair of McNasties…

get on that shit.

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