The Uniform

I’ve been keeping up with my “dressing like an awake person” goal throughout the first couple weeks of college. Instead of falling into the t-shirt and short mantra, I’ve rotated dresses, multicolored pants, mini skirts and midi skirts, tanks and shirts that I’ve cut the shoulder pads out of (I really do love the 80s). But because southern Louisiana doesn’t get much cooler than 90 degrees during the summer (to our out-of-town readers, September for us is still summer…it’s ridiculous) I’ve basically been DYING every day. Why try when you just sweat into a big hot mess after 5 feet of walking? Then one day I put on my mom’s high waisted shorts and a tank top, grabbed a long cardigan, threw on a pair of boots and hurried out the door to find myself…feeling comfortable?



So, naturally, I didn’t wash the shorts for almost a week and switched up the tank tops to convince people that, no, I’m not homeless and yes, I do change my clothes every day.

And then I realized that I had receded back into what I’ve had to wear my entire private school girl life.


The Uniform


            I am not trying to sound ungrateful. I am very happy to have grown up like I did in the school system that I did, etc, etc. BUT, *cue the tragic private school girl blues* for the past 15 years of my life, I’ve had to wear some type of monogramed shirt (for the first 10 years it was a polo, which—I think—is the main origin of my polo hatred) along with the most hideous, hemmed-at-the-awkward-part-of-your-knee plaid kilt skirt.

Kill me.

I missed out on so many things. Major awkward clothing phases. Never ever knowing the latest trends like jellies or scrunchies or those damn gauchos. Not being able to express myself appearance-wise. By the time I got out of high school, I was so done with a uniform.

And now, ladies and dudes, an inside peak at Ashley Monaghan’s personal inner monologue:

I’m going to college now. I’m going to dress cool, and expressive, and wear what I want!

Granted, I go to LSU, so T-shirts and anything Nike is the regular campus sartorial choice and I wouldn’t be judged for joining that party.

But no, damnit. I’m going to wear ridiculous patterns and have fun with my clothing! Say hello to the White Girl Turban. I’m wearing my high waisted, martini and lemon printed grandma pants and nobody can stop me!


And then I got to campus. And then August in Louisiana happened. And then I wore jeans because of work one day and almost got heat stroke and died.

No ma’am.


 So this is about the sixteenth eighth time I’ve worn my uniform. It’s comfortable, easy and cool. I try to mix it up some days by throwing on a dress or a skirt, but mostly I’ve been in this.

Honestly, I like it. A lot. I think I’ll keep it until it’s cold enough to change into something else.

You know, southern Louisiana’s winter is only like, a month and a half from now…right?

Winter needs to happen right now. I have so many beautiful coats that need to be shown to the world.


Anyways, what do you think? Is a uniform a great thing or a type of lazy sartorial shrug? Do you have a uniform? 



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