Revival Ladies: Christina Flannery

Christina Flannery

The woman behind it all.

The owner, fashionista, stylist, photographer.

Queen Bee.

Peak into the life of the lady that made The Revival Outpost what it is today!


What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Can I pick a few? Darkwing Duck, The whole group from Ahhhh Real Monsters, and Beetlejuice (the tv show).

I have two of these guys tattooed on me and will be getting the others soon! Notice I said tattooed not tatted. Thats just annoying.

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a Narwhal. Majestic little shits they are!

Whats your all time favorite garment of all time?

My vintage Gunne Sax Prairie Dress!


Describe your style in three words.

Three words!? Thats too hard. I dont really fit into a box. I have extremely bright treasure troll hair, I wear vintage every day, and my T-shirt collection is probably better then anyone I know.


Describe your personality in three words.

Intense, Outgoing, and Frugal

Tell me about the birth of Revival.

Many moons ago I helped open stores in Florida. I’ve been at this Buy/Sell/Trade game for about 8 years now. I opened the store originally uptown about 2 years ago. We got an offer to move to the French Quarter in Jan of this year. The space is three times the size, beautifully New Orleans, and just seemed to be a perfect fit for us! We’ve been here ever since and loving ever minute of it! Oh and can I mention I went to a psychic and he predicted my move months before! Creepy!


Give me a little background about you, where you’re from and why you’re staying in New Orleans. 

I am from all over the US, but primarily the south. I run Revival and am also a buyer in the film industry. I have a cat named Uly and the coolest damn friends a girl could ask for! I fall in love with New Orleans a little bit more everyday. The thought of leaving her makes me sad, but I never know where the road is going to take me. I live my life that way.


You obviously live a cool life and are doing many different things, what are some other things you’re up to recently?

I’m a wardrobe stylist, I sometimes take photos, and I volunteer at a kick ass place called Spay Mart!


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