Never say Never: Kimonos

You know those things that you swear you will never wear ever in your whole life?

And then somehow they creep up and catch you at your weakest moment. And then you’re obsessed?

(Like camo prints and birkenstocks coming back into trend this year? Yeah?)

That’s me and kimonos.

I have slowly fallen more and more in love with kimonos.

Kimonos as outerwear. Kimonos as dresses. Kimonos as capes.

Kimonos as anything.

But it’s a little terrifying to wear them in public and watch people wonder why you exited your house wearing  a partial robe.

These stylish babes will ease your social discomfort and allow you to metaphysically give the finger to anyone who questions your sartorial badassery.


Look how casual this is! Perfect for the transition of summer to fall.

Plus, you can wear them so many different ways.


Sexy and cool.

Don’t lie. You know you wish you could rock anything Mary-Kate Olsen puts on her body.

Well now you can.


Girly and flirty.


You can also buy them as dresses, which takes care of the whole slit-down-the-middle problem.


Finally, the queen of all things flowy and bohemian: Jessa Johansson



She’s probably my favorite character on Girls. You should definitely check the show out if you haven’t yet.


Belt that silk and #werq it.


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