Can we talk about…

Finger tattoos?


I’m not talking about those big and bad biker “R E B E L” letter-on-every-finger tattoos.

Not that those aren’t cool. I love my tatted biker friends that write anarchy on their fingers.

But I’m talking about those dainty, super cool ones that act as almost another accessory to your bare hands.

Maybe it’s because of my obsession with henna…



Maybe it’s because Kate Foley is my spirit animal and she has some…



Either way, they rock.



You seem them on men a little, but they’re usually on women. Like I said, they’re the more dainty kind. The ones that wouldn’t keep you from getting a job in a professional office. Something you could cover with a band-aid if you need to.

(I had a teacher in high school that had to cover up her ankle tattoo every day with a band-aid. It was the most obvious thing ever.)


I also feel like because they’re so small, it wouldn’t be as painful of a process to get it done. And they’re probably much cheaper than getting Marilyn Monroe’s face on your thigh.



But, you know, if that’s what you want…go for it!


Got a commitment problem? Check out Tattly if you want to try out different tat designs and decide on the best for you. You can even create custom ones!



Images here and here and here.




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