Can we talk about…


Not the gross, oversized, muddy-brown corduroy vests that should have died when the ’70s did.

I’m also not talking about wearing those men’s suit vests made for women like you work at a catering company.


I’m talking about the beautifully constructed vests that act as the missing piece you didn’t know your outfit was missing.

Embroidered. Sequined. Studded. Chained.


Lay(er) it on me.


They’re great. Oversized vests that drape to your mid-thigh can even elongate your torso if you’re short-waisted. They’re easy to throw on over a basic Tee and jeans, making it seem like you put some effort into your outfit when you actually just overslept and threw on the first thing you grabbed out of your overstuffed closet.


Basically, vests can solve all of your problems.


And, fuck it, why not wear the vest on it’s own?



Spring 2009 runway was all about ‘dem vests.



The trend was recycled recently in the Spring 2013  Fashion Weeks.


Now I’m not really one to follow trends…but is it too early to bring them back?


What do you think? Are you a vest fan?

Post a picture of yourself sporting your favorite vest and caption #revivalmaterial to be featured on our blog!

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