Ah, I’m obsessing over Mia Moretti and Margot (a.k.a. Caitlin Moe) this week.


Have you heard of them? They’re a DJ power duo from NY. They released their single, Summer of ’93 (on repeat for days, y’all), about 8 months ago. And they’re killing it.


 They’ve opened for Mika, preformed at premier high fashion shit for Dior and Prabal Grung, AND played at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Apparently they were even the talk of the town BEFORE they became a band.



(PS can we talk about those double buns + bows for a second?!)


First off, their style is fantastic. Bold, daring and super grunge. Moretti is a gal that can make anything work. She mixes prints, dresses for her audience, etc. Moe is more of the dramatic type. She definitely has a range of styles and dresses like a character at times. But it’s so cool.

They’re so cool.

Secondly, their music is beautiful. Summer of ’93 is nostalgic and dreamy. Moe laid the vocal track and I’m super impressed with her singing capabilities.

Thirdly, whoever decided to throw some strings on Moretti’s samples needs the upmost praise and deserves to be seated among the DJ gods.


I’m not positive whether or not they had anything to do with it….

but I’m absolutely obsessed with this poster.

The essence. The era. The fonts. The colors. The side boob!

Killing me.


And they have cool friends that dress well and aren’t afraid to show some skin.



Lets be real. You want to be their friend.


 The Coveteur featured Moretti’s apartment and I’m in love with that too.

This might be an actual problem. #girlcrushin’ so hard.


Click here to listen to their single!

Check out their tumblr and website!

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