Can we talk about…

Zev Hoover?


He’s a 14-year-old photographer. He takes pictures with his older sister, Aliza (Nellie), who is 18 and does some photography on her own, too.


It’s hard to believe he can do this. I mean, he’s 14!

What did I do when I was 14? I danced around my room to Jonas Brothers and ate a lot of pizza.

I’m skeptical because of how much mastery and beauty are in these photos, but I’m hooked.



 I guess this is what you do when you live in Natick, Massachusetts?

It’s fucking incredible. Photo manipulation gets me every time.


So mystical and mysterious.


Surreal shit, right?


His work seems to be really influenced by fairy-tales or some type of other-worldly influence.


Check out the rest of his stuff here.

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