Can we talk about…

Asteroids Galaxy Tour?


I know I’m throwing it back a bit, but I started listening to their stuff again and can’t stop jamming.



 If you don’t know who AGT is, it’s a Danish pop band that formed in ’07 and included trumpet + sax (obviously, I’m in love with them). It’s vocalist fucking rocks. She’s this blond bombshell with this crazy cool voice.


Their music is almost acid jazz or some type of psychedelic pop.


Mette Lindberg also models. Because she’s a bombshell. Her style is totally #revivalmaterial


She was muse to the Danish designer Nikoline Liv Anderson. So good.


Amy Winehouse’s management actually picked it up in the first place. AGT toured with Winehouse for a while before supporting Katy Perry on her 2009 European tour.


They haven’t produced anything (that I know of) since 2011. But toooons of their EPs and singles have been used for commercials (Myer and Apple), TV shows (Gossip Girl), documentaries (The September Issue) and other jingles.


Plus, they’re still touring. So. I’m down.



This is my favorite song. Been on repeat for the past 48 hours. #oops


All images here.














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