Kyle DeWoody


Consultant, writer, curator, co-founder and creative director of Grey Area, a contemporary art hubble — an “undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art.”


Cool, right?


Well, she’s cool, and so is The Coveteur’s coverage of her Brooklyn home (and Grey Area’s headquarters). 


Overalls? Check. Black and white heels? Checked. Crop tops? Check. 






We’ll take one of each, thanks!





We’re swooning over this babydoll dress.



We’re in love. 


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Carol of the Belles

Mark your calendars, bitches, it’s gonna be a good Christmas.



At 7 p.m. on December 28, right here at The Revival Outpost, southern belles Elli Perry and our very own Ashley Monaghan will join forces for an amazing night of folk music, Christmas cookies, shopping and more!


Elli Perry is a musician from Georgia whose had quite the adventurous life traveling from city to city music-making and soul-searching. She moved to New Orleans where she produced her fourth album, The Salt & The Sea, and is returning to her southern second home on Dec. 20 to grace Revival with her vocal badassery.


Ashley Monaghan, our blogger, is currently living in Baton Rouge to attend LSU, but her body and soul are from New Orleans. She spent most of her elementary and high school years performing. From 2011-2013 she was the front lady for Bonnie&Clyde. Check out Monaghan’s recent musings here.

See you there.


Not. Cool.

Heard the news?

Major Lazer’s new video SHAMELESSLY stole Chilldren’s #Sweat everything.

If you read this post, you’re aware of Revival’s adoration of Chilldren ’cause they’re ballin’ ass bitches.

Here to watch their #sweat video.

Here to watch Major Lazer’s.

Let’s be real. Too many similarities.

Legitimate ridiculous.


Winter is coming

I apologize for the Game of Thrones reference, but is it not perfect?

Happy December, y’all!

I sat at my computer for hours after I packed my tummy full of a considerably ridiculous amount of food this past Thanksgiving break.


While vegging out, I couldn’t stop staring at this photo series called ‘In the Wake of Thunder’ from Alex Stoddard. He’s a 20-year-old fine art photographer living in LA.


All of Alex’s shit is super hauntingly beautiful.

I found him when I was a lil’ young’n in high school and became obsessed instantly. Somewhere within the development of other social media (probably Instagram) I totally forgot he existed.

Until I stumbled upon this badassery.


This series reminds me of a dark horror film or something slightly less terrifying coming out of the mind of Edgar Allen Poe.



It also seems to have this strong presence of winter. Just this icy, cold chill hanging in the air.


Check out his website here.