Can we talk about…?

Creatures of Comfort and Zimmermann’s F/W ’14 lines?


Jade Lai took inspiration from the mystery board game Clue.

Firstly, I love Clue. And murder mysteries. And plum-colored lip stains.

Guess what? The model’s lips were beautifully berry-stained. Love at first sight? Yes.

All the ladies were heavily cloaked, rocking brilliant blue checks, asymmetrical silhouettes and 90’s razor cuts.


 My favorite look of the collection. Army green has been my power color for the past couple of weeks. Plus, the oversize blazer and high waisted slit-skirt-over-creme-knee-length-shorts-thing makes me swoon.


 Never underestimate the power of the turtleneck.

ImageImageImageImage Sex appeal + librarian chic?


Now, Zimmermann.

For only being its third show in the states, it seriously knows what’s up.


Always fresh. Always killin’ it. Always crispy (with that feminine touch).


Do you ever want to wear anything else but partially wedged point-toe oxfords for the rest of your life?


This shit makes me feel like a flirtatious warrior princess.


Watch me shake my hips as I slice my enemy’s heads off.


 Like, the fuck is this silhouette?

My boobs could never hold this up. But I’m tempted to spend over $2,000 to try.


My favorite look.

Perfect midi skirt to swish and sway in.

Cute platform heels.

Cuddly cropped knit.

Boxy leather.


It’s the perfect juxtaposition.

Just don’t forget that berry-lip, ladies.

xoxo + happy #nyfw!


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