Every Month is Black History Month

Even though Black History shouldn’t be limited to one month a year, I mean each time you pair jelly with its life-long partner peanut butter, or reach the last of the ink in your fountain pen, or throw that wrinkly shirt on an ironing board, you are using a black invention. Though, it is nice to have a calendar reminder to explore black history in America.  With that being said, can we just talk about how I want to die and come back as Dorothy Dandridge?!

3375_mediumThe lady could sing, dance and act. She appeared in movies along side some the greatest actors, like John Wayne, headlined shows in Las Vegas and the Apollo Theater, and was the first black actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.  She gave serious meaning to the term “Triple Threat” and all while looking so damn exquisite.Dorothy-Dandridge-celebrities-who-died-young-32313497-500-704



Dorothy got her fame during the 1930’s and 40’s when women’s wardrobes were delicate, luxurious, feminine and just slightly sexy.


Dorothy appeared in “Lady from Louisiana” in 1941, and I caught her in an JAX beer ad!

Thanks Miss Dandridge for being beautiful, talented and well-dressed. – E.Sage



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