It’s Raining… Vintage



Spring has begun, and in Louisiana that means we can see quite a bit of rain.  In New Orleans that means you may bike to work, and swim home.

16eKenFlood1Now it’s Friday, and you know we get all excited about the weekend. Not to mention it’s our Shop Lady Erica’s birthday today and our Head Honcho Christina’s birthday on Monday. So ya’ll know we’re tearing it up in these streets this weekend.


And little or a lot of rain is not going to stop that.


tumblr_lps3451u7r1qb62c4o1_500So you find an outfit that will keep cool enough in this 73 degree weather, but now need a raincoat to keep you dry during the thunderstorms and heavy rain.


Image-1 (6)

Vintage Clear Raincoat-$30

photo 2 (1)

Raincoat-$30, Dorothy Dress-$34

Image-1 (7)

Raincoat-$30, Dorothy Dress-$34


Image-1 (2)

Yellow Raincoat -$32


Blackberry Jumper-$50

Image-1 (1)

Raincoat with yellow plaid details and hidden inside pockets -$32

Image-1 (3)

Ribbon-$22, Lion-$22, Horse Racing-$24

Image-1 (4)

Yellow Raincoat -$28

Image-1 (5)

Dainty Derby Dress-$66

photo 1 (1)

Vintage Americana Necklace-$24


You and your outfits -1 Rainy Days in New Orleans-0. Just how Revival likes it!






 Welcome to our new feature: REVIVALx(YOURNAMEHERE)

There are so many rad babes that we know, we just gotta collaborate with ’em! If you think you’ve got the look we want and are interested in collabing, e-mail us at!


This feature is dedicated to Rosalina Young, the hip, stylish 22-year-old make-up artist from Abita Springs.


Not only does Young have a bomb-ass Youtube channel jam-packed with helpful makeup tutorials, but she’s also been featured on Beautylish AND FEATURED ON REFINERY29.

That’s some next level shit. Rosa don’t play.


Also, her freelance makeup logo is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen ever.

(I want to go to the BABEFACTORY!)

533988_434165136671209_528612029_nHannah Grace, our favorite little Revival lady, took Young out to photograph their day in the city. She also styled the pink tropical dress.


Young styled two of the three looks below: blue polka dot skirt + white top + that killer pastel jacket.




Follow her on insta and like her on FB!

Check back for more REVIVALx features.

Until next time, babes, keep it real.


Bat is the New Black


So, y’all have all heard about our lil collaboration with Lisa Iacono, right? If not, check out the last post. This is huuuuuuuge and the design is killa killa. ALSO YOU NEED TO VOTE RIGHT HERE GO NOW.


Do you see the sequin bat on the back? Crazy. Let’s talk about it.


 I asked Lisa about her inspiration for the redesign. Here’s a little excerpt of our convo:

“My inspiration was the Revival Outpost girl–beautiful, eclectic, cheeky, street.  The design itself combined 2 ideas: michael jackson/marching band + heavy metal tough details = glam-rock-cocktail-hour barbie.”

I don’t think that there is a better description for a Revival girl than that.


“I had so much fun with this, as I got to bust out my hand sewing skills, something I really enjoy.”

Is Lisa talented or what? I was stunned when I saw the design. She also sent me some sketches, which, to me, is always fantastic. Seeing the initial thought process of a designer when she is trying to replicate a certain brand AND also staying true to his/her own is  so interesting.

photo 6

Cutoffs? She knows us so well.

photo 7

“Because timing was tight, I decided not to plan the shirt from top to bottom before starting.  I just dove in with materials I had stored in a costuming bin.”


“I kept thinking I should really manipulate the t-shirt itself and cut it up, but the more I looked at it, the more I laughed.  Something about keeping the t-shirt intact, but making it into a cocktail dress…that’s funny.

 My favorite detail is the black sequin bat shape that wraps over the shoulders and continues across the back body.  Bats, literally, on tees.”


Your turn!


We have until the 28th to prove that the Revival ladies got style so we can get some NOLA swag.

And who wouldn’t want to get our gals at Bats on Tees to the top?




Bat is the New Black Contest!

Hey dudes, so here’s the deal:

BATS ON TEES, the fuckin’ awesome local bag/t-shirt company, is holding a contest. They’re trying to win The Big Idea and chose lil’ old Revival to be a part of their journey! Can we say #honored?

So, the fantastic Lionheart Prints made the screen print design for the shirt (which we love) and we collaborated with Lisa Iacono (Dreamcar Clothing) to remix the shirt into something COMPLETELY NEW. 

Dun. Dun. Dun.

Obviously that wasn’t a problem for Lisa, she’s a boss ass bitch. Complete #revivalmaterial , if you know what I mean.

So, we’ll be posting more on the look tomorrow, including beginning sketches and the materials used. 

BUT IN THE MEAN TIME…here’s a sneak peak!



– Ash

It’s NOLA Fashion Week!

New Orleans is known for the music, we’re sought after for our food, people come down to experience the culture. But underneath the tourist must-haves there is unexpected talent in the fashion industry.  NOLA Fashion Week is a bi-annual event put on to support Southern based or born designers and help the fashion industry in New Orleans flourish. This Fall/Winter 2014 season is March 14-22nd.

The venues are always sick.

photo 3

The Felicity Church Fall/Winter 2014

The designers are unique, concrete and usually hone a heavy Southern flare.


Anthony Ryan Fall/Winter 2013


Anthony Ryan Fall/Winter 2013


Amanda deLeon Fall/Winter 2012


Amanda deLeon Fall/Winter 20138210635566_382c9bdbb2_b


Mat Arthur Fall/Winter 2011

Then there are the parties, full of fashions who’s who. Dancing, drinking and oogling at all the stunning street fashion fill the checklist for party musts. So now that this season has started, what are you going to wear?!

Show us what you got! Be sure to check our instagram! @revivalnola And be back to see what we wore.

photo (4)

Revival Babes at Spring/Summer 2013 shows


Sundaes on Mondays

It’s Monday y’all. The first Monday after Mardi Gras for us Louisianans, and that can have us feeling a bit spent. Walking into work like


I know one way to get through any dreary time, especially a Monday: throw some ice cream on it! Sundaes on Mondays!


A sweet, cold, sugar rush can uplift any spirit.

Ice cream vest-$14

Ice cream vest-$14


With a variety of colors, combinations and tastes your ice cream choice can take as much time to decide as what outfit you are going to wear.


Dorothy Dress-$34, Multi Striped Button Down Tee-$20, Necklace-$10, Wicker Bag-$28, Les Tropeziennes Heels-$64

Sherbet Outfit -Dorothy Dress-$34, Multi Striped Button Down Tee-$20, Necklace-$10, Wicker Bag-$28, Les Tropeziennes Heels-$64



Because let’s be honest, it’s already Monday. I think you’ve done enough.

1940's ice cream truck in Natchitoches, Louisiana

1940’s ice cream truck in Natchitoches, Louisiana



With sundaes on Monday you might find yourself ready for the weekend to end!

Close-up of Three Scoops of Neapolitan Ice Creamice-cream-jpg

photo (3)

Neapolitan Outfit – Brick Sweater Dress-$18, Pink/White Stripe Tank-$16, Pastel Pink Pump-$20, Brown Leather Gloves-$24, Clear Pink Back Pack-$24





I’ve recently been on a kick of collaging. Mostly using photoshop with images from Pinterest and Tumblr that I find inspiring. I love matching and mixing prints. Two images that have the same scheme and concept can really stick out when you layer them over the other.

Here are some things I’ve dreamed up recently:

ImageImagesummer lovin


Still works in progress. But they’re super fun and definitely inspirational for brainstorming about color and image connectivity!