Can We Talk About…

The Wade Brothers.


Lyndon and Lindsey Wade

Lyndon and Lindsey Wade

Boss Lady Christina has her hand in a lot of awesome projects. She styles music video shoots, movies and commercials in between being you know, the Boss at Revival.  Just this past week she worked with two of the coolest kids in the photography game,  The Wade Brothers. Based in Kansas City, these brothers produce intense images through photography, directorial projects and creative directing. With an all-star list of clients under their belt, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Harley Davidson and Ebay, their visually pungent aesthetic can transverse multiple brands and mediums.

Paralympics Campaign

Paralympics Campaign

Trojan Campaign

Trojan Campaign


Their work stands out with its strong color palettes…




Alice + Olivia Campaign


dark somewhat romantic atmospheres…




and playfully artistic characters and scenes.






Seeing the stills of their photography has me itching to sneak a peek at the twisted world of movement they create in film.


Did I mention I got to work with them too? Geeked up.


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