Easter Parade Madness

While we were getting our Easter crunk on in NOLA, New York threw their own Easter parade.

Crazy hats were all the rage, obviously.


Thankfully, The Cut captured all the dazzling, ridiculous and sassy skimmers for us. There were tons of floral toppers, but some people impressed me. I’ve picked out some of my favorites, but click the link to see all 30!


My new life goal is to try to emulate these three lovely vintage ladies at all times.




 If you’re going to wear a floral hat like everybody else, you better go all out with it.




 THIS IS MY FAVORITE COUPLE OF ALL TIME. I saw this and immediately died. If your significant other doesn’t dress up like a fish in a suit just so you can don your favorite vintage dress and color your hair like a mermaid, he doesn’t love you.

Even though I’m pretty sure this whole look was his idea. How could it not be?

The best fucking powercouple ever. They probably live in Brooklyn and run the hottest organic gardening pop-up shop in town.


I leave you with this guy. He’s doing it right.

later dudes.


xoxo, ash


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