STYLE ICONS: The Source Family Women


Known for their impeccable hippie style and beautiful natural looks, The Source Family Women are instilled in our brains forever as fashion cult queens.

A lot is unknown about the extent of the cult, however their free-flowing garments, and motto of living and changing is something we can appreciate.

We have compiled images of our favorite garments these incredibly beautiful woman graced the world in the 70’s with.









Now dont go join a cult or anything! Happy first day of Summer folks!




6 thoughts on “STYLE ICONS: The Source Family Women

  1. In the very early days of The Source Family, we were into wearing only white with perhaps a rainbow belt or something and we bought a lot of what we wore then on Olvera Street in Los Angeles where we could find inexpensive, pretty Mexican clothing with that great embroidery. We also used to go to the swap meets on the weekends and find a lot of satin slips & vintage dresses, because swap meets in Hollywood back then were very cool. Then the women began to make their own dresses, and robes/pants for the men, as well as the shawls most everyone had….we wore shawls for morning meditation and those chilly mornings. Then at the Father House we began to make & wear dresses made from velvet, silk etc based on the designs of Dawn, our primary seamstress with an eye for fashion.

    • actually we had a few designers and people who knew how to sew…Robin/Ahom started it all with her designs and in the early days the women followed her lead for themselves and their man and or upped it…Azure, Galaxy/Dawn, Venus were professional cloths makers and i think there were others….but in fact it got to a point where all the women pretty much could design, sew and create it was always amazing to see what someone had made for themselves or their man…the same with the brothers it seemed that as the journey went along people could do just about anything in any field..we were pretty accomplished, creative, inspired and it just became natural way of life….Aquariana use to take her long blond hair and spin it on a drop spindel and then weave into thread to sew with…we were operating in a very rarified energy outside of time it seemed and the ability to do just about anything kicked in…so many stories xo isis

  2. Actually, although Robin/Ahom did make some of her own dresses in the early days;
    and influenced the basic design of the homespun dresses adorned with ribbons, etc; due largely because she was the family’s ‘spiritual Mother’ at that time and some of the women wanted to copy/emulate her great style. And while it was true that many of the women were accomplished at sewing their own clothing and many of the men’s clothing, some of the women excelled at it like Dawn; which is how I remember it….
    especially at The Father House it was Galaxy/Dawn’s designs that women began to want and copy. Although, memories are subjective which is why each family member’s are quite different.

  3. I couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful dresses everyone was wearing! Isis, I hope you include some material on the patterns and clothing everyone wore on the Father Yod website.

    • thanks Purple Lotus…i don’t remember anyone using a pattern as such…i know many of us , me included just put down a piece of material and outlined it or put a garment on it and cut around it , leaving room for seams…and then we let our imagination take hold in neck line or sleeve design or fringing out the bottom or sleeves of the homespun cotton etc. i still to this day do not use any patterns, i just think of what i want and start folding, cutting, sewing …or take something i like and put it on cloth and start cutting :))….in early days it was the Mexican or india cotton pants, tops or dresses then we found homespun cotton that came in so many colors and weaves it was amazing..then we found some velvet and satin to work with and then a jersey poly came out that was so flowing and goddess like draping that we started to use it. xo isis

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