Can We Talk About…

The Wade Brothers.


Lyndon and Lindsey Wade

Lyndon and Lindsey Wade

Boss Lady Christina has her hand in a lot of awesome projects. She styles music video shoots, movies and commercials in between being you know, the Boss at Revival.  Just this past week she worked with two of the coolest kids in the photography game,  The Wade Brothers. Based in Kansas City, these brothers produce intense images through photography, directorial projects and creative directing. With an all-star list of clients under their belt, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Harley Davidson and Ebay, their visually pungent aesthetic can transverse multiple brands and mediums.

Paralympics Campaign

Paralympics Campaign

Trojan Campaign

Trojan Campaign


Their work stands out with its strong color palettes…




Alice + Olivia Campaign


dark somewhat romantic atmospheres…




and playfully artistic characters and scenes.






Seeing the stills of their photography has me itching to sneak a peek at the twisted world of movement they create in film.


Did I mention I got to work with them too? Geeked up.


Every Month is Black History Month

Even though Black History shouldn’t be limited to one month a year, I mean each time you pair jelly with its life-long partner peanut butter, or reach the last of the ink in your fountain pen, or throw that wrinkly shirt on an ironing board, you are using a black invention. Though, it is nice to have a calendar reminder to explore black history in America.  With that being said, can we just talk about how I want to die and come back as Dorothy Dandridge?!

3375_mediumThe lady could sing, dance and act. She appeared in movies along side some the greatest actors, like John Wayne, headlined shows in Las Vegas and the Apollo Theater, and was the first black actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.  She gave serious meaning to the term “Triple Threat” and all while looking so damn exquisite.Dorothy-Dandridge-celebrities-who-died-young-32313497-500-704



Dorothy got her fame during the 1930’s and 40’s when women’s wardrobes were delicate, luxurious, feminine and just slightly sexy.


Dorothy appeared in “Lady from Louisiana” in 1941, and I caught her in an JAX beer ad!

Thanks Miss Dandridge for being beautiful, talented and well-dressed. – E.Sage


Can we talk about…?

Creatures of Comfort and Zimmermann’s F/W ’14 lines?


Jade Lai took inspiration from the mystery board game Clue.

Firstly, I love Clue. And murder mysteries. And plum-colored lip stains.

Guess what? The model’s lips were beautifully berry-stained. Love at first sight? Yes.

All the ladies were heavily cloaked, rocking brilliant blue checks, asymmetrical silhouettes and 90’s razor cuts.


 My favorite look of the collection. Army green has been my power color for the past couple of weeks. Plus, the oversize blazer and high waisted slit-skirt-over-creme-knee-length-shorts-thing makes me swoon.


 Never underestimate the power of the turtleneck.

ImageImageImageImage Sex appeal + librarian chic?


Now, Zimmermann.

For only being its third show in the states, it seriously knows what’s up.


Always fresh. Always killin’ it. Always crispy (with that feminine touch).


Do you ever want to wear anything else but partially wedged point-toe oxfords for the rest of your life?


This shit makes me feel like a flirtatious warrior princess.


Watch me shake my hips as I slice my enemy’s heads off.


 Like, the fuck is this silhouette?

My boobs could never hold this up. But I’m tempted to spend over $2,000 to try.


My favorite look.

Perfect midi skirt to swish and sway in.

Cute platform heels.

Cuddly cropped knit.

Boxy leather.


It’s the perfect juxtaposition.

Just don’t forget that berry-lip, ladies.

xoxo + happy #nyfw!


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Can we talk about…

Asteroids Galaxy Tour?


I know I’m throwing it back a bit, but I started listening to their stuff again and can’t stop jamming.



 If you don’t know who AGT is, it’s a Danish pop band that formed in ’07 and included trumpet + sax (obviously, I’m in love with them). It’s vocalist fucking rocks. She’s this blond bombshell with this crazy cool voice.


Their music is almost acid jazz or some type of psychedelic pop.


Mette Lindberg also models. Because she’s a bombshell. Her style is totally #revivalmaterial


She was muse to the Danish designer Nikoline Liv Anderson. So good.


Amy Winehouse’s management actually picked it up in the first place. AGT toured with Winehouse for a while before supporting Katy Perry on her 2009 European tour.


They haven’t produced anything (that I know of) since 2011. But toooons of their EPs and singles have been used for commercials (Myer and Apple), TV shows (Gossip Girl), documentaries (The September Issue) and other jingles.


Plus, they’re still touring. So. I’m down.



This is my favorite song. Been on repeat for the past 48 hours. #oops


All images here.














Can we talk about…

Zev Hoover?


He’s a 14-year-old photographer. He takes pictures with his older sister, Aliza (Nellie), who is 18 and does some photography on her own, too.


It’s hard to believe he can do this. I mean, he’s 14!

What did I do when I was 14? I danced around my room to Jonas Brothers and ate a lot of pizza.

I’m skeptical because of how much mastery and beauty are in these photos, but I’m hooked.



 I guess this is what you do when you live in Natick, Massachusetts?

It’s fucking incredible. Photo manipulation gets me every time.


So mystical and mysterious.


Surreal shit, right?


His work seems to be really influenced by fairy-tales or some type of other-worldly influence.


Check out the rest of his stuff here.

Can we talk about…


Not the gross, oversized, muddy-brown corduroy vests that should have died when the ’70s did.

I’m also not talking about wearing those men’s suit vests made for women like you work at a catering company.


I’m talking about the beautifully constructed vests that act as the missing piece you didn’t know your outfit was missing.

Embroidered. Sequined. Studded. Chained.


Lay(er) it on me.


They’re great. Oversized vests that drape to your mid-thigh can even elongate your torso if you’re short-waisted. They’re easy to throw on over a basic Tee and jeans, making it seem like you put some effort into your outfit when you actually just overslept and threw on the first thing you grabbed out of your overstuffed closet.


Basically, vests can solve all of your problems.


And, fuck it, why not wear the vest on it’s own?



Spring 2009 runway was all about ‘dem vests.



The trend was recycled recently in the Spring 2013  Fashion Weeks.


Now I’m not really one to follow trends…but is it too early to bring them back?


What do you think? Are you a vest fan?

Post a picture of yourself sporting your favorite vest and caption #revivalmaterial to be featured on our blog!

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Can we talk about…



One of our readers challenged us to do a post about ponchos.


Piece of cake, Dawn. We got you, girl.


but all I’m saying is…


thank you based god that Free People exists.


Ponchos aren’t bad.

Not all of them are translucent bundles of plastic you wear when it rains or shittily stitched fake tribal patterns sold at your local Forever 21 in a variety of obnoxious, vibrant colors.


The poncho thing spiked around 2011. Suddenly they were draped upon the shoulders of every celebrity and walking down every runway literally everywhere.




 Some are super cool. You have your typical Free People-esque flowy and bohemian pieces. Then there are the more structured ponchos with asymmetrical lines and geometric patterns. I’m really digging how versatile they are. They have patterns that draw the eye and you can use them throughout every season depending on the thickness of material.


If it’s a huge “statement” poncho, wear it alone. Transfer from a day look (worn with gladiator sandals) to a night look (change into big, bold heels). Be daring. #werkthatfringe


They’re easy to throw over jeans or silk pants with booties, too.


How would you wear a poncho?

Can we talk about…

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Sretsis’ new collection?! IT’S SO WONDERFUL. Basically everything I want to embody in my life. Gothic. Whimsical. Sweet. Almost costume wear. “Sretsis’ collections read like an adventurous autobiography as they take inspirations from those around them and what captures their … Continue reading

Can we talk about…

Finger tattoos?


I’m not talking about those big and bad biker “R E B E L” letter-on-every-finger tattoos.

Not that those aren’t cool. I love my tatted biker friends that write anarchy on their fingers.

But I’m talking about those dainty, super cool ones that act as almost another accessory to your bare hands.

Maybe it’s because of my obsession with henna…



Maybe it’s because Kate Foley is my spirit animal and she has some…



Either way, they rock.



You seem them on men a little, but they’re usually on women. Like I said, they’re the more dainty kind. The ones that wouldn’t keep you from getting a job in a professional office. Something you could cover with a band-aid if you need to.

(I had a teacher in high school that had to cover up her ankle tattoo every day with a band-aid. It was the most obvious thing ever.)


I also feel like because they’re so small, it wouldn’t be as painful of a process to get it done. And they’re probably much cheaper than getting Marilyn Monroe’s face on your thigh.



But, you know, if that’s what you want…go for it!


Got a commitment problem? Check out Tattly if you want to try out different tat designs and decide on the best for you. You can even create custom ones!



Images here and here and here.



Can We Talk About…Henry Busby?


Meet the handsome Henry Busby, a 21 year old photographer and filmmaker based out of Alabama.



His portraits are my favorite. He seems to be a master of light and color; they are simply stunning. The detailing makes them look almost painted. And for someone so young? Holy shit. He is so talented.


Is it too soon/pretentious to say he’s the Andy Warhol of photographers?


Look at that color, though!


Maybe I’m just not educated in art enough. But I think so.

Anyways, he takes some damn good pictures of cake, too.



It’s interesting to look at photographers work. Everyone can say they are a photographer now because of the fantastic capability on our phone’s camera and a couple of half-assed app filters. But it’s a real art. You have to have an eye.

Theres a lot of different types of jobs that you need a certain eye for, but we can talk about that some other time.

Busby has that eye, though. And I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for his career.


PageImage-505856-4013804-phoot_6 PageImage-505856-4552346-potentialheader PageImage-505856-5128801-phoot_21_alt PageImage-505856-5128804-phoot_15

Check him out: