Travel Lust


Everyone at The Revival Outpost has been bitten by the travel bug.


Whether it’s our Manager Ashley who is preparing for her trip to San Francisco, Alexis, our in store liaison, heading to Florida every other week, Boss Lady Christina who is contemplating a styling job in Asia, or me squeezing in time to camp throughout the South East United States, we all want to get out and wander!


There is something about traveling the unknown, exploring some new place, which in turn allows you to explore new parts of yourself.


In this world of constant updates, knowledge and technological lit spaces it’s nice to be surrounded by people who want to abandon the comfort of the couch and tour the world around them.


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Won’t you join us on a trip?




Style in Store

Often people come in to Revival and love what they’ve bought so much they wear it out. More often people come into Revival needing something funky to spice up their wardrobe.  But every so often customers come in looking like they walked right out of our store display window.

These fashionable shoppers came in to browse and buy looking eclectic, adventurous, edgy, hip, unique and just like the bad ass customers we love to dress!


Michelle B.

Michelle B.

Khalilah B.

Khalilah B.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

Abena K.

Abena K.

photo 3 (1)

Viannie B.

Viannie B.

photo 2 (3)

Thanks for being so fly guys!


Smells like a Sale

Happy Hump Day, no wait, it’s Tuesday… oh God, it’s Monday.  Don’t worry, don’t worry, I have the perfect pick-me-up to get you motivated to tackle the week!




2nd Floor of The Revival Outpost

2nd Floor of The Revival Outpost


The Revival Outpost has just updated the sale racks on their second floor, and the selections are sick! I’m talking Mink Pink, vintage velvet, Audrey, denim high waist skirts, Rehab, shorts, shoes and more. All from 20%-50% off the original marked price. That’s only $8 for some garments.




New Sale Merchandise - Nameless, Audry, MinkPink, Motel Rocks, Sugar Lips and more.

New Sale Merchandise – Nameless, Audry, MinkPink, Motel Rocks, Sugar Lips and more.


You know Revival already has some of the best prices on vintage and indie items in town. Tack a sales sticker to those reasonable prices and they’re practically giving the shit away!



photo 3

Audrey Bralette – $26, Grape Velvet Dress – $30. BOTH GET 20% OFF AT REGISTER!

Acid Wash Mini Skirt- $28 30% OFF, Purple Dot Shorts - $26, Mink Pink Bon Bon Skirt - $50 BOTH 20% OFF AT REGISTER

Acid Wash Mini Skirt- $28 30% OFF, Purple Dot Shorts – $26, Mink Pink Bon Bon Skirt – $50 BOTH 20% OFF AT REGISTER

Denim Button Up Dress - $24, Mink Pink Roller Disco Dress -$74 BOTH 20% OFF AT REGISTER

Denim Button Up Dress – $24, Mink Pink Roller Disco Dress -$74 BOTH 20% OFF AT REGISTER

This new sale merchandise just went up.  Many are single items and once they’re gone, you’ve missed out.  Come browse around the second floor, spend a couple bucks and walk out winning! Did I mention there was a foosball table up stairs? So bring the Mr. and a couple friends and make it a party. Monday could use it.






 Welcome to our new feature: REVIVALx(YOURNAMEHERE)

There are so many rad babes that we know, we just gotta collaborate with ’em! If you think you’ve got the look we want and are interested in collabing, e-mail us at!


This feature is dedicated to Rosalina Young, the hip, stylish 22-year-old make-up artist from Abita Springs.


Not only does Young have a bomb-ass Youtube channel jam-packed with helpful makeup tutorials, but she’s also been featured on Beautylish AND FEATURED ON REFINERY29.

That’s some next level shit. Rosa don’t play.


Also, her freelance makeup logo is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen ever.

(I want to go to the BABEFACTORY!)

533988_434165136671209_528612029_nHannah Grace, our favorite little Revival lady, took Young out to photograph their day in the city. She also styled the pink tropical dress.


Young styled two of the three looks below: blue polka dot skirt + white top + that killer pastel jacket.




Follow her on insta and like her on FB!

Check back for more REVIVALx features.

Until next time, babes, keep it real.


It’s NOLA Fashion Week!

New Orleans is known for the music, we’re sought after for our food, people come down to experience the culture. But underneath the tourist must-haves there is unexpected talent in the fashion industry.  NOLA Fashion Week is a bi-annual event put on to support Southern based or born designers and help the fashion industry in New Orleans flourish. This Fall/Winter 2014 season is March 14-22nd.

The venues are always sick.

photo 3

The Felicity Church Fall/Winter 2014

The designers are unique, concrete and usually hone a heavy Southern flare.


Anthony Ryan Fall/Winter 2013


Anthony Ryan Fall/Winter 2013


Amanda deLeon Fall/Winter 2012


Amanda deLeon Fall/Winter 20138210635566_382c9bdbb2_b


Mat Arthur Fall/Winter 2011

Then there are the parties, full of fashions who’s who. Dancing, drinking and oogling at all the stunning street fashion fill the checklist for party musts. So now that this season has started, what are you going to wear?!

Show us what you got! Be sure to check our instagram! @revivalnola And be back to see what we wore.

photo (4)

Revival Babes at Spring/Summer 2013 shows


Iree Island Life Part 1

There’s nothing like epic cold weather to make you wish you were on an island. Our shop lady Erica spent 13 days in the West Indies. Here is her first installment on Caribbean fashion and how to get it here at The Revival Outpost.

Under three thousand people live in this city

Soufriere – Under three thousand people live in this city

“Sa ka fete?” What’s up, how’s it going? “Iree” Good, relaxing. St. Lucia is a small island just above Barbados. Small towns fill the valleys in between the mountainous island and create a down home, everyone knows you -your auntie-grandma-cousin- or neighbor-feel that us Southerns know only too well.

Local stone and concrete painted house

Local stone and concrete painted house

Inspiration is a funny thing; it can be hidden in the clouds or blatant in the streets. When you don’t have cars filling roads, Internet at your fingertips and material items blocking your view all you can see is the beauty in the details.

Turqoi Water

Water so blue

Local Beer

Local beer named after the set of mountains behind the bottles

st. lucia

Local price for this lager is $1.60USD

Got an island name: BadGalEE

Got an island name: BadGalEE

The spirit of St. Lucia is much like other island cultures: Live easy, live simple, and live happy.


Women’s and Men’s Restroom signs

Even on an island, we women can’t be too over dressed. Working women on the island were conservatively stylish. Layers of light fabric draped over brown skin.  Colorful accent bows added to kinky cornrows. Three inch heels float over New Orleans esq cobble stone.

Print Lady2

print mix master

Print Lady

Local Lady mixing prints

Floral Denim Bustier -$25.60(SALE). Ethnic Wide Leg Pants -$24. Levis Jean Jacket- $42
Floral Denim Bustier -$25.60(SALE). Ethnic Wide Leg Pants -$24. Levis Jean Jacket- $42
Vintage Blue Sweater - $18. Vintage Pant - $24. Vintage Crop Button Down - $38. Western Belt -$24

Vintage Blue Sweater – $18. Vintage Pant – $24. Vintage Crop Button Down – $38. Western Belt -$24

Lookbook: Three Floor Fashion


The lookbook for TF is literally all we’ve ever wanted in our lives and more.


The sharp lines and angles. The colors. The acid-dripped layering. The shadows.

It’s brilliant.


Not to mention genius. I love the aesthetic. It really captures and fits their brand perfectly.


Bravo, Three Floor Fashion, you’ve officially won us over.


All images: Three Floor Fashion


Big Things: It’s 2014

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts through December and January!

We’ve been dusting off and cleaning up some things. We hosted an acoustic show with two sweet singing ladies and Uly! SUPER BIG: We’re adding lots of inventory to our website so you guys can shop anytime you want, anyplace that has wifi you desire.

We’ve been generally kicking ass and taking names with lots of different projects and working on a blog makeover. 

So, while all that is going on, let’s talk about some huge things that are happening.

1. Our girl Amanda is going to NEW FUCKING YORK FASHION WEEK.


But she needs your help. You have till the end of the day to help meet her goal! Click the link and get this babe to the Big Apple!


2. Christina Flannery, our lovely shop owner and all around powerbabe, took this photo for the InvadeNOLA Invade Zine No.1 which releases January 31! Click the link to pre-order your copy!


P.S. It includes an interview with Christina, too. And it’s written by me. You’re probably going to want to pre-order. This shit is going to be collectable.


3. Have you joined The Girl Gang yet?


It’s a group of bad bitches who want to help you get shit done in 2014! Join the new network for young women who are looking to find and develop your passion.


We’re one of the brands they represent. We’ll be hosting some of their events here as well, so HIT IT UP and go to their Power Hour Friday!

4. This isn’t new news, but it’s big news. Louisiana ArtWorks building. This needs to happen, dudes.


There are some super secret plans in the works for the building that I don’t even know about yet. But, big things *cross your fingers* are to come for this building. *knock on wood* It would be a fantastic edition to the city and an open space for creatives to come together AND MAKE AWESOME SHIT HAPPEN.


5. We love bad bitches and we love bad bitches that can sing. Maggie Koerner released her new record “Neutral Ground” in November and it is still on repeat in my car. Click here to see her music video.


This lovely folk babe is killing it all over the place. She’s in Florida for a bit before moving through the rest of her tour until ending in March in San Fran! If you’re traveling, make sure you catch one.


Anything we missed? Anything big that you’re working on? Let us know, we might be able to get you some free press!

Carol of the Belles

Mark your calendars, bitches, it’s gonna be a good Christmas.



At 7 p.m. on December 28, right here at The Revival Outpost, southern belles Elli Perry and our very own Ashley Monaghan will join forces for an amazing night of folk music, Christmas cookies, shopping and more!


Elli Perry is a musician from Georgia whose had quite the adventurous life traveling from city to city music-making and soul-searching. She moved to New Orleans where she produced her fourth album, The Salt & The Sea, and is returning to her southern second home on Dec. 20 to grace Revival with her vocal badassery.


Ashley Monaghan, our blogger, is currently living in Baton Rouge to attend LSU, but her body and soul are from New Orleans. She spent most of her elementary and high school years performing. From 2011-2013 she was the front lady for Bonnie&Clyde. Check out Monaghan’s recent musings here.

See you there.


Pinterest Pics

Crop tops. Fitted sweaters.


Things that end at the natural waist are just better!

All bodies are different, so the look might not work for you (and that’s okay! #werk it, bitch!) but I cannot stop piling up my Christmas wishlist with these babes.


They give me life.


So crisp, so clean, so beautiful!

You don’t always have to show your tummy, either. Thank the heavens for bringing high-waisted-everything back.


And they fit basically any “look” you’re going for.





Badass bitch.


TFTIR (The Finest Thing in the Room — thanks, Raven)


(PS we have this top in stock!)







Ok, throw on some tights and make the crop long sleeve…then it would be perfect.



…..I think you get my point.