Local Loves: Lipscape

My girl Ingrid over at Lipscape is an absolute doll and sent over some of her products for us to try out!


Lipscape is a local lip product company.

Ingrid sells lipsticks and glosses in almost every color under the sun. They’re vibrant and bold just like us NOLA gals. She also carries Bedrock, my new favorite Chapstick that has more moisture in it than any Chapstick I’ve ever tried multiplied by ten. Coming from a girl with a big bottom lip that always chaps, this is a big deal.

It even helps your lipstick stay on.


What more could a girl want?

PS Lipscape carries vegan products!



I’ll list some of my favorite and my likes and dislikes! Tons of obnoxious pictures for y’all. I went a little crazy.


 Lipscape, to me, is experimental and fun. The colors are bold and expressive and stay on for quite a while. Watch out for napkins when you eat, though! Wiping the lipstick off with toilet paper or napkins is super easy (thank god…I wouldn’t want to stain my face blue with PRIDE). It’s almost like magic. It stays on for some objects and wipes off with others.

Maybe it was the weather, but when I first opened them, the lipstick’s consistancies were very waxy and tough to apply. Quick solution: I ran it under some running water and it went on super smooth and lovely!

The texture is that of a matte lipstick; if you put enough pressure on it while applying, it becomes more paint-like, making the application process easier and a lot more fun.

PS Make sure you put on Bedrock before applying anything! It leaves your lips smooth, buttery and crackless.



Super pale. I’m super pale. Not the best combo, but I liked the color.

It’s a nice nude for those days where you need to have minimal makeup on your face! Super interesting.




 Obviously my all time favorite because it’s a dark red.

photo 2-4

Give me any lipstick darker than blood and I’ll love you forever.

photo 5-4

I’m convinced these lipsticks make you internally sassy. It just happens.


photo 2 (1)


Isn’t this shit cray? I love it. There is a darker blue called PRIDE that you absolutely need if you want to channel some inner goth.

This is more of a green color, but it definitely packs a punch. Statement lipstick! Why don’t more people do this?

You can coordinate with your outfits, even.

(My roommate said I looked like I came from the future…but why wouldn’t you want to look like a character from Zenon?)


Likes: colors, consistancy and permanence

Dislikes: taste (organic chocolate?) and how many layers it takes to cover everything (I’m just impatient).



Wetscapes (Lipscape’s lip glosses) are super gooey and wonderful. Remember the ones you used when you were twelve with the twistable bottom and paintbrush applicator?

Wetscapes are that, except you’re an adult.

It takes a while to make the color even, but it is bright and shiny just like a gloss should be.

For such light colors, the color shows very well.





The perfect light peach/pink for a spring picnic!

photo 1 (2)



Gold and glossy.


This one was harder for me to get even across my upper lip. It’s definitely bold, though, and perfect for Saints games!

photo 4-5

 Last but not least: TIGRIS


I’m so obsessed with this. It’s pitch black. Super intense.

photo 3-8


Likes: applicator and glossy finish

Dislikes: inability to cover certain areas because of texture/movement of the gloss

Overall? A-

I want to wear these everywhere. All the time. There’s a color for any time, any season.

AND there is so much more!

Check out all of Lipscape’s products on it’s insta and website!