The ladies of Bib + Tuck.


Can Sari A and Sari B be any cooler?

They met in preschool and have been best friends ever since. They reunited in New York after college and got used to sharing closets. Basically never spending money on new clothing. Sounds beautiful, right?

They thought so too.


“400 cups of coffee, a couple of near mental breakdowns, and an 80’s movie montage later, Bib + Tuck was born.”

They turned their idea of sharing closets into something digital: a highly curated community of shoppable personal closets.


Bib means to list an item (put it up for sale). Tuck means to purchase someone else’s item. It comes from the old English aristocratic phrase where women were told to wear their best ‘bib and tucker’ (finest outfit).

Sari Azout handles the operations. She loves overalls, is super witty and is a risk taker. Sari Bibliowicz handles marketing, dresses however she feels and once stopped Anna Wintour to have a five-minute conversation with her.
How to do it:
List items you’re ready to part with and upload cool, styled photos of your garments. Decide what they’re worth and assign a virtual price in bucks (B+T currency).
2. Receive bucks (B+T currency) when another member purchases one of your items.
4. Use your bucks to shop other closets.
They’re fun, chic, and seem like charming, social, successful people.
Can we be friends? Please?
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