Bat is the New Black


So, y’all have all heard about our lil collaboration with Lisa Iacono, right? If not, check out the last post. This is huuuuuuuge and the design is killa killa. ALSO YOU NEED TO VOTE RIGHT HERE GO NOW.


Do you see the sequin bat on the back? Crazy. Let’s talk about it.


 I asked Lisa about her inspiration for the redesign. Here’s a little excerpt of our convo:

“My inspiration was the Revival Outpost girl–beautiful, eclectic, cheeky, street.  The design itself combined 2 ideas: michael jackson/marching band + heavy metal tough details = glam-rock-cocktail-hour barbie.”

I don’t think that there is a better description for a Revival girl than that.


“I had so much fun with this, as I got to bust out my hand sewing skills, something I really enjoy.”

Is Lisa talented or what? I was stunned when I saw the design. She also sent me some sketches, which, to me, is always fantastic. Seeing the initial thought process of a designer when she is trying to replicate a certain brand AND also staying true to his/her own is  so interesting.

photo 6

Cutoffs? She knows us so well.

photo 7

“Because timing was tight, I decided not to plan the shirt from top to bottom before starting.  I just dove in with materials I had stored in a costuming bin.”


“I kept thinking I should really manipulate the t-shirt itself and cut it up, but the more I looked at it, the more I laughed.  Something about keeping the t-shirt intact, but making it into a cocktail dress…that’s funny.

 My favorite detail is the black sequin bat shape that wraps over the shoulders and continues across the back body.  Bats, literally, on tees.”


Your turn!


We have until the 28th to prove that the Revival ladies got style so we can get some NOLA swag.

And who wouldn’t want to get our gals at Bats on Tees to the top?




Made in Mind Social!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Made in Mind Social Thursday! It was amazing.


We transformed the second floor of our store into a party plaaaza.


Great time. Great people. Great treats.



And a huge THANK YOU to sisters Ciera and Jasmine Holzenthal for choosing us to host! Such an honor. We love collabing with local businesses and entrepreneurs for events.


Made in Mind Social is a monthly meet up of creative minds in Louisiana. They want to build a community where everyone can share their passions and encourage each other to keep those creative juices flowing.

Are you sold yet?

It is a great way to connect with local creatives and network.

So get your ass out to the next event. Support your locals. Build that creative community…

and check out some photos from the wonderful evening!

The-Made-in-Mind-October-Social-at-Revival-Outpost-12 1378016_601092063287132_934838113_n

We made suede tassel keychains. So rad.


Our Little Revival Lady, Hannah Alford, with David Ewing, founder of The Krewe.



We got a great pic of Amanda DeLeon (middle), local fashion designer, and Justin Shiels (left) founder of InvadeNOLA.



We had such a good time. See you next month!


Thanks to Kaylynn Marie Photography for the photos,  Smallchalk for the great chalkboards and Gold House Paper + Press for providing guests with a take-home-treat!

All photos here.

Revival Ladies: Hannah Alford


Hannah Alford

Artist, photographer, model, buyer…the list goes on and on. 

I got a chance to sit down with this little Revival Lady at her cute slingshot Uptown apartment to talk about Revival, life, and spirit animals. Check it out!


What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

“Pepper Ann.”

What is your spirit animal?


What’s your favorite garment of all time? 

“I have these suede, gold-tipped vintage shoes that I got from Goodwill years ago. They’re ancient, gorgeous. Definitely my favorite garment or anything in my closet ever. I want to put them in a glass case and never get rid of them!”


Describe your style and personality in three words.

“Fashion wise I can go from grungy, badass and leathery to a vintage dress and socks and heels. Personality wise, I guess just kind of artistic in a couple of different ways that I rotate around.” 

Are you still painting?

“Yeah, trying to get back into it. My dad is supposed to be making some crazy canvases again and hopefully I’ll get into that. My dad is an artist. I’m trying to get back into the nude…nude-y kind of abstract.” 


How long have you been working for Revival? 

“Six months. I did a photoshoot with them two years ago and that’s how the connection came about.”

Give me a little background about you; where you’ve come from and why you want to stay in New Orleans.

“So…I’m originally from Louisiana. I moved to Texas, back to Louisiana, and then went to Europe. Then I went back to Texas and did my little ‘art thing’ for a while. Before that I was into fashion week and doing photoshoots like that here [New Orleans], and then I moved to Texas, did my art thing, and didn’t have any type of fashion or anything there. I moved back here to get more into styling and the fashion world. I’m building my self-made career on personal styling and doing photoshoots and fun events and stuff like that.”


You’re 18, you’re very young. Would you say you’re at a place in your life where you’re dabbling in many different areas or have you pinpointed exactly what you want?

“I feel like I’ve travelled a lot, like when I was younger, and I quit school to just experience things and different cultures and different kinds of people. I’ve moved around as much as I can on my own. I feel like I’ve lived a lot for as young as I am. I feel like now I know what I want to do and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. I love it. Revival isn’t even like a job for me at all, I love it so much. It’s so fun for me. Being able to put an outfit together for someone and make them feel absolutely beautiful and feel confident; I just want to–all together–make a person feel beautiful and confident. But there are many things that you can do to do that.” 

What made you want to leave when you were sixteen? 

“It was just a really bad year in lots of different ways. I was in this crazy state of mind, as I guess a 16-year-old always is, but as an artist I was very turned into myself and very not happy with what I was doing with my life. It was something that definitely needed to happen or I would be a completely different person right now. I decided and told my mom I was going to leave. My outer family definitely shut me out for a little while but saw how well I was doing through e-mail, Facebook and pictures and stuff like that. I went straight to Europe to see my sister in Ukraine. I didn’t even work. I saved up everything since I was 13 and stayed for a month and a half and then went straight to Texas. I did that whole shebang. Then I came back here and was going to do the whole school thing, but I really don’t feel like I need to. I’m happy.”


That’s very brave. All the chances that young people don’t understand or would not actually take because they’re such a risk you hopped onto. You’re obviously very independent. Do you find what you did courageous? Was that scary for you?

“Moving? I was terrified. It wasn’t courageous at all for me. I felt almost like a runaway child, ’cause I was like, ‘I need to do this. I need to go away.’ I felt like a rebel. But when I actually did it and had to take care of myself and stuff like that, I freaked out. It was very terrifying. As time went on and I had to force myself to be very independent and take care of myself, it became very beautiful to me. I was very proud of the way I took care of myself. People said I couldn’t do it and I blew it out of the water and did it…overdid it. It was good.”