Bat is the New Black


So, y’all have all heard about our lil collaboration with Lisa Iacono, right? If not, check out the last post. This is huuuuuuuge and the design is killa killa. ALSO YOU NEED TO VOTE RIGHT HERE GO NOW.


Do you see the sequin bat on the back? Crazy. Let’s talk about it.


 I asked Lisa about her inspiration for the redesign. Here’s a little excerpt of our convo:

“My inspiration was the Revival Outpost girl–beautiful, eclectic, cheeky, street.  The design itself combined 2 ideas: michael jackson/marching band + heavy metal tough details = glam-rock-cocktail-hour barbie.”

I don’t think that there is a better description for a Revival girl than that.


“I had so much fun with this, as I got to bust out my hand sewing skills, something I really enjoy.”

Is Lisa talented or what? I was stunned when I saw the design. She also sent me some sketches, which, to me, is always fantastic. Seeing the initial thought process of a designer when she is trying to replicate a certain brand AND also staying true to his/her own is  so interesting.

photo 6

Cutoffs? She knows us so well.

photo 7

“Because timing was tight, I decided not to plan the shirt from top to bottom before starting.  I just dove in with materials I had stored in a costuming bin.”


“I kept thinking I should really manipulate the t-shirt itself and cut it up, but the more I looked at it, the more I laughed.  Something about keeping the t-shirt intact, but making it into a cocktail dress…that’s funny.

 My favorite detail is the black sequin bat shape that wraps over the shoulders and continues across the back body.  Bats, literally, on tees.”


Your turn!


We have until the 28th to prove that the Revival ladies got style so we can get some NOLA swag.

And who wouldn’t want to get our gals at Bats on Tees to the top?




Bat is the New Black Contest!

Hey dudes, so here’s the deal:

BATS ON TEES, the fuckin’ awesome local bag/t-shirt company, is holding a contest. They’re trying to win The Big Idea and chose lil’ old Revival to be a part of their journey! Can we say #honored?

So, the fantastic Lionheart Prints made the screen print design for the shirt (which we love) and we collaborated with Lisa Iacono (Dreamcar Clothing) to remix the shirt into something COMPLETELY NEW. 

Dun. Dun. Dun.

Obviously that wasn’t a problem for Lisa, she’s a boss ass bitch. Complete #revivalmaterial , if you know what I mean.

So, we’ll be posting more on the look tomorrow, including beginning sketches and the materials used. 

BUT IN THE MEAN TIME…here’s a sneak peak!



– Ash