Easter Parade Madness

While we were getting our Easter crunk on in NOLA, New York threw their own Easter parade.

Crazy hats were all the rage, obviously.


Thankfully, The Cut captured all the dazzling, ridiculous and sassy skimmers for us. There were tons of floral toppers, but some people impressed me. I’ve picked out some of my favorites, but click the link to see all 30!


My new life goal is to try to emulate these three lovely vintage ladies at all times.




 If you’re going to wear a floral hat like everybody else, you better go all out with it.




 THIS IS MY FAVORITE COUPLE OF ALL TIME. I saw this and immediately died. If your significant other doesn’t dress up like a fish in a suit just so you can don your favorite vintage dress and color your hair like a mermaid, he doesn’t love you.

Even though I’m pretty sure this whole look was his idea. How could it not be?

The best fucking powercouple ever. They probably live in Brooklyn and run the hottest organic gardening pop-up shop in town.


I leave you with this guy. He’s doing it right.

later dudes.


xoxo, ash

On the Mississippi

Hannah and our newest Revival babe, Caroline, spent a little time down by the Mississippi on a rainy Thursday last week.


Thankfully, Kevin VanGogh was there to capture the ladies in all their stylish glory.


Can we talk about that clear bubble umbrella? Dead. I need ten to keep me dry during all this crazy weather we’re having.


Better head into Revival and get yourself a pair of circle sunnies!


Isn’t Hannah the cutest lil thing in this sunflower sundress!?


I’ll take BOTH of those raincoats, please and thank you.

Rain or shine, Revival girls always killin’ it.


xoxo, ash


 Welcome to our new feature: REVIVALx(YOURNAMEHERE)

There are so many rad babes that we know, we just gotta collaborate with ’em! If you think you’ve got the look we want and are interested in collabing, e-mail us at therevivaloutpost@yahoo.com!


This feature is dedicated to Rosalina Young, the hip, stylish 22-year-old make-up artist from Abita Springs.


Not only does Young have a bomb-ass Youtube channel jam-packed with helpful makeup tutorials, but she’s also been featured on Beautylish AND FEATURED ON REFINERY29.

That’s some next level shit. Rosa don’t play.


Also, her freelance makeup logo is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen ever.

(I want to go to the BABEFACTORY!)

533988_434165136671209_528612029_nHannah Grace, our favorite little Revival lady, took Young out to photograph their day in the city. She also styled the pink tropical dress.


Young styled two of the three looks below: blue polka dot skirt + white top + that killer pastel jacket.




Follow her on insta and like her on FB!

Check back for more REVIVALx features.

Until next time, babes, keep it real.


Local Loves: Lipscape

My girl Ingrid over at Lipscape is an absolute doll and sent over some of her products for us to try out!


Lipscape is a local lip product company.

Ingrid sells lipsticks and glosses in almost every color under the sun. They’re vibrant and bold just like us NOLA gals. She also carries Bedrock, my new favorite Chapstick that has more moisture in it than any Chapstick I’ve ever tried multiplied by ten. Coming from a girl with a big bottom lip that always chaps, this is a big deal.

It even helps your lipstick stay on.


What more could a girl want?

PS Lipscape carries vegan products!



I’ll list some of my favorite and my likes and dislikes! Tons of obnoxious pictures for y’all. I went a little crazy.


 Lipscape, to me, is experimental and fun. The colors are bold and expressive and stay on for quite a while. Watch out for napkins when you eat, though! Wiping the lipstick off with toilet paper or napkins is super easy (thank god…I wouldn’t want to stain my face blue with PRIDE). It’s almost like magic. It stays on for some objects and wipes off with others.

Maybe it was the weather, but when I first opened them, the lipstick’s consistancies were very waxy and tough to apply. Quick solution: I ran it under some running water and it went on super smooth and lovely!

The texture is that of a matte lipstick; if you put enough pressure on it while applying, it becomes more paint-like, making the application process easier and a lot more fun.

PS Make sure you put on Bedrock before applying anything! It leaves your lips smooth, buttery and crackless.



Super pale. I’m super pale. Not the best combo, but I liked the color.

It’s a nice nude for those days where you need to have minimal makeup on your face! Super interesting.




 Obviously my all time favorite because it’s a dark red.

photo 2-4

Give me any lipstick darker than blood and I’ll love you forever.

photo 5-4

I’m convinced these lipsticks make you internally sassy. It just happens.


photo 2 (1)


Isn’t this shit cray? I love it. There is a darker blue called PRIDE that you absolutely need if you want to channel some inner goth.

This is more of a green color, but it definitely packs a punch. Statement lipstick! Why don’t more people do this?

You can coordinate with your outfits, even.

(My roommate said I looked like I came from the future…but why wouldn’t you want to look like a character from Zenon?)


Likes: colors, consistancy and permanence

Dislikes: taste (organic chocolate?) and how many layers it takes to cover everything (I’m just impatient).



Wetscapes (Lipscape’s lip glosses) are super gooey and wonderful. Remember the ones you used when you were twelve with the twistable bottom and paintbrush applicator?

Wetscapes are that, except you’re an adult.

It takes a while to make the color even, but it is bright and shiny just like a gloss should be.

For such light colors, the color shows very well.





The perfect light peach/pink for a spring picnic!

photo 1 (2)



Gold and glossy.


This one was harder for me to get even across my upper lip. It’s definitely bold, though, and perfect for Saints games!

photo 4-5

 Last but not least: TIGRIS


I’m so obsessed with this. It’s pitch black. Super intense.

photo 3-8


Likes: applicator and glossy finish

Dislikes: inability to cover certain areas because of texture/movement of the gloss

Overall? A-

I want to wear these everywhere. All the time. There’s a color for any time, any season.

AND there is so much more!

Check out all of Lipscape’s products on it’s insta and website!

Local Loves: Bats on Tees

Are you charming, sassy and stylish but never over the top?

Do you like chic Tees, hand-painted accessories and cute, clear purses?

You should join the #BatPack.


I got a chance to sit down with the founder, Tiffany Napper, and her right hand gal, Amanda Clark to talk about the brand and how they got started.


They were dressed to the nines, obviously — perfectly clad in sequins from Amanda DeLeon; ringed up by Jess Leigh (Jewels); lips stained and puckered with the help of LipScape; all complete with voluminous curls blown straight from Dry Bar Bleu.



When did Bats on Tees begin?

TN: It officially started in January and the clear purses started in August. Very new!

What inspired you to start Bats on Tees?

TN: It started as an idea that would bring all of my creative friends together. I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve been doing PR for the music industry for a long time, and I wanted to start a product that I could collaborate with them on. I wanted to work with some friends, create some cute shirts, and the clear purse thing came shortly after.


Did you start with only Tees?

TN: I started off with just some T-Shirt ideas! Like nothing really done. And one tote bag. The clear purse announcement came from the NFL and I saw the opportunity to make a cute, clear purse because when I started looking for one I couldn’t find anything I liked. I let it guide me and I’m now in a place where I really love making purses.

Do you have a manufacturer?

TN: It’s kind of this team that I’ve created. I have one girl in California who helps make the clear purses. I have two ladies here in New Orleans that help with the sewing and help with the leather goods that we’re about to debut. All the T-Shirts and things are made in New Orleans. I hand-paint the letters or work with an artist, like the one who painted the alligator that’s on this shirt. I use Purple Monkey for the screen printing and Orleans Embroidery for my embroidery work and I have two seamstresses that both work in the film industry and work with me because they like it!


What do you hope for the future of Bats on Tees?

TN: I see Bats on Tees becoming a brand that’s more than just a couple of Tees or purses. I really want it to become this lifestyle and embody the girl. We call our “clique” the Bat Pack. We use the #BatPack a lot because I think of this as trying to create a family of women who like to be fashionable but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on pieces. They like to mix high and low, like to have fun and be quirky, still be a bit sexy and sassy. We have a lot of collaborations on the table; ideas that could get us into other markets, other than just apparel and purses.

AC: It’s important to keep our clothes quirky and transitional. Our product can go from casual-to-dressy; from day-to-night. That’s the big thing for me, I like very transitional pieces and I think we try and show that in our photos and stuff. Yeah, you see a blogger wear something but we like to show, in our posts, that it can be affordable and cute either way.


You don’t have a physical store. Where are your products sold?

TN: Right now Bats on Tees is sold in about 20 boutiques across the south. We also have an online store. We’re continuing to try to grow and expand that. I’m going to try to go to the Northeast and the West coast, obviously, and show that it’s not just a Southern thing. Some of our shirts are Southern because I’m a Southern girl, but I’m trying to create a mixture of things that anyone could wear. I want people to know that I live in New Orleans and that we make this in New Orleans. This is another way to put New Orleans on the map and draw attention to the creatives and amazing things that we have going on here.

AC: And we do pop-ups every week!


That’s great! I think that really fits your brand. Do you want to stay in consignment or open your own place one day?

TN: I definitely have dreams of opening my own store one day — something very unique, not your typical store front. Something that really merges all my passions: music, fashion, film — kind of an interactive experience. But in the mean time, I love the pop-up shop! It gives me the opportunity for every event to be a bit different and we can have live music or beer!

AC: We’re reaching different markets, whether it’s the beer drinker or the stiletto wearer.

TN: We can cater to all the different people that we think our brand represents.


 Check out their facebook and insta!

Made in Mind Social!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Made in Mind Social Thursday! It was amazing.


We transformed the second floor of our store into a party plaaaza.


Great time. Great people. Great treats.



And a huge THANK YOU to sisters Ciera and Jasmine Holzenthal for choosing us to host! Such an honor. We love collabing with local businesses and entrepreneurs for events.


Made in Mind Social is a monthly meet up of creative minds in Louisiana. They want to build a community where everyone can share their passions and encourage each other to keep those creative juices flowing.

Are you sold yet?

It is a great way to connect with local creatives and network.

So get your ass out to the next event. Support your locals. Build that creative community…

and check out some photos from the wonderful evening!

The-Made-in-Mind-October-Social-at-Revival-Outpost-12 1378016_601092063287132_934838113_n

We made suede tassel keychains. So rad.


Our Little Revival Lady, Hannah Alford, with David Ewing, founder of The Krewe.



We got a great pic of Amanda DeLeon (middle), local fashion designer, and Justin Shiels (left) founder of InvadeNOLA.



We had such a good time. See you next month!


Thanks to Kaylynn Marie Photography for the photos,  Smallchalk for the great chalkboards and Gold House Paper + Press for providing guests with a take-home-treat!

All photos here.

Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces

photo 1

Have you heard of these guys? Because you need to. I was wandering around Frenchman a couple weeks ago looking for a cool place to listen to some music with some friends and happened to end up at Vaso right as these guys were setting up. Being a musician, I can be very judgmental when it comes to local music–especially when they incorporate any type of funk or jazz into their tunes–so when they took out the brass I was instantly interested. I parked myself right in front and put on my bitch face ready to either be blown away or judge the shit out of them. (Side note: Dear local musicians, I am so proud of what you do. You have to put up with judgmental people like me all the time and more often than not you end up seriously impressing me. Plus, it takes a lot to get up there and do what you do. A++ to you.)


Warning: I will dance to anything that has a good beat.

And do these guys have rhythm.

They started their set with a cover of Express Yourself and my feet would not stop moving. Tyler has such fantastic stage presence and all of the guys (besides being attractive, ladies) have personalities that shine throughout their shows. They play a wide range of material and sneak in originals songs here and there. Honestly, until they told you their song was an original you would just think that it was a really great song that you can’t believe you’ve never heard of and want to dance to for the rest of your life.

Seriously, though. I came into Vaso in a vintage blouse with buttons down the back and by the time I left the shirt was soaked with sweat and the only button still attached to the shirt was the top one. If you like to dance, these are your boys.

If I could put TK and The Right Pieces into one word it would be FUN.

You can feel the chemistry off of the stage. By the third song, the dance floor was packed, and there was no room to stand in the back. The vibes are great. They have a fantastic sense of musicianship and obviously put in a lot of practice time. They uses unexpected breaks like nobody’s business and really know how to make a rhythm & blues/funk song sound catchy and–in a way–pop-y.

Also, for most of their originals, the guys on trumpet, trombone, and sax usually have choreographed dance moves. If that isn’t a reason in itself to check these guys out, you need to reevaluate your priorities in life.


Click here to like their Facebook page and here to see their website.

They play every Thursday at Hard Rock. Get your ass to Bourbon and check them out!