This wednesday we have some brunette beauties for you including a musician, a photographer, a magazine editor and style queen, and a renowned blogger (who happens to be dating my favorite menswear photographer).

Up first, my spirit animal: Solange Knowles.


She’s multitalented, gorgeous, sassy, and I’ve heard she has a fantastic personality to match.

She’s actually the “celebrity” that got me to start mixing prints and taking risks with fashion.

Let’s just say I’ve got a major girl crush.


But how could you not love her?



Have I told you how much I want/love afros? They’re sassy and perfect.


Did you know that she is moving to New Orleans? I’m dying. The fact that she will be in any 100 mile radius from me is too much to handle.


This mysterious chick has some tricks up her androgynous sleeves: FrouFrouu


Nadia Sarwar


That’s all you need to know.


Photography is gorgeous. Dimmed lighting that really lets the characters and clothing speak for themselves.

She also adores black and white photography.



Give me those high waisted jeans!


Her portraits and street style photography is breathtaking. She captures details effortlessly. It’s interesting, because she dresses very androgynously and sticks to muted colors, and yet she is very drawn to bright, colorful clothing and people in her fashion portraits.


And her mixed media! So damn awesome. Very modern yet psychedelic. Real trippy.

She sticks to muted colors and is an obvious fan of black and white.


Not only is her artwork/photography fantastic, but so is her wardrobe.


She has the ability to pull of structured pieces and still look feminine, as well as wear something completely shapeless and give it warmth and body.

It makes no sense. Real humans don’t have this ability.

Like, you’re not real.

Nadia-8 (1)

Check out her badass photography and mixed media works here.

You know she’s a big deal if I knew the correct spelling of her name off  the top of my head: Miroslava Duma


She’s a used-to-be-editor of Harper’s Bazzar (Russia) and is now an international style icon.



My favorite thing about her is that her stye is so versatile. She’s still that adorable tiny girl underneath it all, but she can go from wearing a very dramatic, costume-y outfit to something feminine and girly and then change into a crystal headpiece, jeans and belted patterned sweater…


And pull it off.


How is that even possible?

Glamour USA - March 2013tumblr_mkf9c5v2NO1qbpnk5o2_500

You can check out some pieces in her closet here.

Last but not least, Garance Dore.


She’s a blogger, photographer, illustrator, business woman…


She’s French.


What’s not to love? I check her blog at least three times a day. It’s so wonderful to see how far she’s come and how much she’s grown. She now has an entire staff for her site and videos, which is why they post so much great comment.

And she really listens to her readers’ requests.



Gah, they make me so happy.

If you’re interested you can totally buy me my favorite art print from her.


K thanks.


Also, aren’t her and Scott the cutest?


Her photos have such great lighting. They’re usually portraits, and she definitely knows how to make people look good.


Who are you crushin’ on?



Blogger Roundup Part Dos

As promised, here is the dude blogger roundup. There are some really great men out there with even better senses of style. I’m a sucker for menswear and try to incorporate some male pieces into my wardrobe every once in a while. So, for those ladies or dudes who adore pressed pants, sports jackets, and Monkstrap shoes, this post is for you.

One fantastic website where you can read tons of articles by hilarious men is Four-Pins.


It’s basically a man’s online magazine. Their writing is honest, witty, and they always have fantastic pictures to look through. 


Dudes get style, gear, and culture tips on how to become a true, modern, stylish gentleman. What else could you want?


My all-time forever favorite male blogger is The Sartorialist


He’s one of the most fantastic street style photographers I’ve ever seen besides Tommy Ton. But everyone knows Tommy Ton so I’m not even going to go over his role in the development of street style photography. 

PS speaking of the development of street style photography, if you don’t know Bill Cunningham and his whole story you need to watch his documentary on Netflix now.

ImageI check Scott’s site multiple times a day. He often has great commentary. He loves vintage photos and sometimes finds a gem in an old book to post, which is always a treat. His use of shadow and lighting and capturing movement are so inspiring. 


Like I said, he has an eye for capturing perfect moments. 


He does collections of images like this under the title “If you’re thinking about…”, showing multiple ways to wear the same type of clothing. Super helpful when thinking about what to do with that $140 dress you couldn’t resist from Anthro.


Just kidding. I definitely can’t afford a $140 dress at Anthro. That’s why I shop at Revival! 😉 Vintage, a multitude of pieces to choose from, and the clothing is just as beautiful as Anthropology…only affordable. 


Anyways, onto one of the most attractive males on the planet and the personal menswear blogger:  Adam Gallagher.


Is he fucking classy or what? Look at that messenger bag. Look at his jacket lining! LOOK AT THE POCKET SQUARE SUBTLY MATCHING HIS TIE. Even his sunglasses fit his color scheme. 


Fuck you, Adam. You’re too pretty. 


Can we talk about that smolder? Or that tie clip? Or just the fact that more men need to wear pinstripe blazers? 

Or all three?



Some of these photos are from when he was still living in California. He’s up in New York being famous and attractive now. He’s doing cool things in cool places. You should bookmark him.


The coolest blogger on the west coast: Tommy Lei


I’m beginning to think that every male named Tommy has a ridiculously cool sense of style and just the right amount of experimentalism in him to shake things up. 


His style is sleek, edgy, and experimental with a mixture of luxe pieces and laid-back LA finds as well. He reminds me a lot of Bryan Yambao, whom we have all come to know and love. 


I love how androgynous his looks are. I want to steal everything in his closet. If you like printed denim, men wearing short shorts, or anything designed by Phillip Lim, you will love Mybelonging. 


And last but not least, my new favorite menswear blog: What Ali Wore.



I want you to know how much I love old people. I fucking love old people. They’re so cute with their canes and long dresses and gentle voices and wrinkly smiles. Cute old dude that I want to adopt as my grandfather + fantastic clothing + posing as if he were in the middle of a dance move = happy Ash. 



I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pull off a printed short-sleeve button down like Ali.


Hey guys, just doing some cherry pickin’. 




Seriously, though. Where do I apply to become his granddaughter? 




All images are from each specific blogger’s site.