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There are so many rad babes that we know, we just gotta collaborate with ’em! If you think you’ve got the look we want and are interested in collabing, e-mail us at!


This feature is dedicated to Rosalina Young, the hip, stylish 22-year-old make-up artist from Abita Springs.


Not only does Young have a bomb-ass Youtube channel jam-packed with helpful makeup tutorials, but she’s also been featured on Beautylish AND FEATURED ON REFINERY29.

That’s some next level shit. Rosa don’t play.


Also, her freelance makeup logo is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen ever.

(I want to go to the BABEFACTORY!)

533988_434165136671209_528612029_nHannah Grace, our favorite little Revival lady, took Young out to photograph their day in the city. She also styled the pink tropical dress.


Young styled two of the three looks below: blue polka dot skirt + white top + that killer pastel jacket.




Follow her on insta and like her on FB!

Check back for more REVIVALx features.

Until next time, babes, keep it real.


We’re famous.


Big news, babes.

Hannah Alford, one of the Revival ladies, and I did an article for InvadeNOLA about concert style!


Check it out!


*drum roll*

Our best babe Emma Roberts is going to wear Revival for her Halloween costume!

“I’m going to be Jazzercise Barbie,” the 22-year-old actress revealed.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 1.14.34 PM


“I was vintage shopping in New Orleans, where we’re filming the show, and I came across a Jazzercise onesie-thing and I was like, ‘I have to incorporate this into my Halloween costume somehow.”

She’s gonna look stellar. Good choice, Em!


And just for kicks, here are some vintage halloween costumes that we love!

tumblr_muxd4fM9X01rhhnauo1_500 tumblr_mv5bpw9tcF1rhhnauo2_500tumblr_mv0x1dzMml1s1bwvio1_500 tumblr_mv1zytKtfB1qzx4bjo1_500

tumblr_mv3nevrZ1f1qzdxibo1_500 tumblr_muzf6oET6J1qa05b5o1_500



The ladies of Bib + Tuck.


Can Sari A and Sari B be any cooler?

They met in preschool and have been best friends ever since. They reunited in New York after college and got used to sharing closets. Basically never spending money on new clothing. Sounds beautiful, right?

They thought so too.


“400 cups of coffee, a couple of near mental breakdowns, and an 80’s movie montage later, Bib + Tuck was born.”

They turned their idea of sharing closets into something digital: a highly curated community of shoppable personal closets.


Bib means to list an item (put it up for sale). Tuck means to purchase someone else’s item. It comes from the old English aristocratic phrase where women were told to wear their best ‘bib and tucker’ (finest outfit).

Sari Azout handles the operations. She loves overalls, is super witty and is a risk taker. Sari Bibliowicz handles marketing, dresses however she feels and once stopped Anna Wintour to have a five-minute conversation with her.
How to do it:
List items you’re ready to part with and upload cool, styled photos of your garments. Decide what they’re worth and assign a virtual price in bucks (B+T currency).
2. Receive bucks (B+T currency) when another member purchases one of your items.
4. Use your bucks to shop other closets.
They’re fun, chic, and seem like charming, social, successful people.
Can we be friends? Please?
All images from here .


This wednesday we have some brunette beauties for you including a musician, a photographer, a magazine editor and style queen, and a renowned blogger (who happens to be dating my favorite menswear photographer).

Up first, my spirit animal: Solange Knowles.


She’s multitalented, gorgeous, sassy, and I’ve heard she has a fantastic personality to match.

She’s actually the “celebrity” that got me to start mixing prints and taking risks with fashion.

Let’s just say I’ve got a major girl crush.


But how could you not love her?



Have I told you how much I want/love afros? They’re sassy and perfect.


Did you know that she is moving to New Orleans? I’m dying. The fact that she will be in any 100 mile radius from me is too much to handle.


This mysterious chick has some tricks up her androgynous sleeves: FrouFrouu


Nadia Sarwar


That’s all you need to know.


Photography is gorgeous. Dimmed lighting that really lets the characters and clothing speak for themselves.

She also adores black and white photography.



Give me those high waisted jeans!


Her portraits and street style photography is breathtaking. She captures details effortlessly. It’s interesting, because she dresses very androgynously and sticks to muted colors, and yet she is very drawn to bright, colorful clothing and people in her fashion portraits.


And her mixed media! So damn awesome. Very modern yet psychedelic. Real trippy.

She sticks to muted colors and is an obvious fan of black and white.


Not only is her artwork/photography fantastic, but so is her wardrobe.


She has the ability to pull of structured pieces and still look feminine, as well as wear something completely shapeless and give it warmth and body.

It makes no sense. Real humans don’t have this ability.

Like, you’re not real.

Nadia-8 (1)

Check out her badass photography and mixed media works here.

You know she’s a big deal if I knew the correct spelling of her name off  the top of my head: Miroslava Duma


She’s a used-to-be-editor of Harper’s Bazzar (Russia) and is now an international style icon.



My favorite thing about her is that her stye is so versatile. She’s still that adorable tiny girl underneath it all, but she can go from wearing a very dramatic, costume-y outfit to something feminine and girly and then change into a crystal headpiece, jeans and belted patterned sweater…


And pull it off.


How is that even possible?

Glamour USA - March 2013tumblr_mkf9c5v2NO1qbpnk5o2_500

You can check out some pieces in her closet here.

Last but not least, Garance Dore.


She’s a blogger, photographer, illustrator, business woman…


She’s French.


What’s not to love? I check her blog at least three times a day. It’s so wonderful to see how far she’s come and how much she’s grown. She now has an entire staff for her site and videos, which is why they post so much great comment.

And she really listens to her readers’ requests.



Gah, they make me so happy.

If you’re interested you can totally buy me my favorite art print from her.


K thanks.


Also, aren’t her and Scott the cutest?


Her photos have such great lighting. They’re usually portraits, and she definitely knows how to make people look good.


Who are you crushin’ on?



We love Western

We love Western

Fall Jackets 2012

Fall Jackets 2012
River Island green blazer, $57 / Ted Baker bright blue blazer, $405 / Biba fake fur coat, $205 / Blonde + Blonde leather biker jacket, $81 / Plein Sud Jeanius one button blazer, $510 / Sass & Bide

It’s that time of the year! As the air grows chilled, its time to pile on the layers to stay warm, and bust out your favorite jackets and the sidewalk’s your runway. The Revival Outpost has compiled some of the hottest jacket trends of fall this year, so you are always looking hip and fresh, and never bored with your layering!
1. While leather jackets are an american classic, this season is all about the extra bells and whistles and the best jackets have been amped up style wise. Look for jackets with studs, embellishments or textures like the jacket above.
2.The hot peplum jacket silhouette of spring transfers brilliantly to autumn, with a unique structure for your jacket that’s edgy and retro. Instead of the pastel hues formerly popular, go with a bright jewel blue or purple for fall.
3. Androgyny is the prodigal darling of fashion. A beautiful woman in menswear is a look that always catches attention (think Annie Hall or Grace Jones) and coveys confidence and power. Look for Blazers in men’s cuts, pinstripes and piping will make sure your feminine figure isn’t forgotten.
4. Fake fur coats are more fun with animal prints. The look is nostalgic , but leopard or cheetah prints make it youthful, and funky. Pair with black jeans and combat boots for a rock star look.
5. Sequins are amazing. Literally anything they are on is awesome, and New Orleans is a lovely place where you can where them anytime, anywhere. However, to differentiate your sequin coat from a mardi gras costume, look for a jacket like the one above that plays with patterns as well as sequins.
6. Geometric prints are all over the stores and runways this fall, but to take a more hip approach, get these prints in polka dots for a more mod 70s looks than 80s loud. Especially non-black/white polka dots, look for dots in green, yellow, or blue. For a low-key look, pair with some vintage black jeans, or go loud with thrifty 70s plaid pants.

Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes


One of my biggest all-time style inspirations is Natasha Khan, or better know as her musical counter-part Bat for Lashes.We both love whimsical things: fur, gold, melody, the moon, feathers, things that sparkle, chords that resolve. Since she began recording and performing as Bat For Lashes a few years back, Khan has loosely assembled those things around her person like so many thrift store trinkets. Her aesthetic is such a perfectly struck balancing act between earth mother hippie mystic and post-modern Gen Y art student, it strikes you as a fashion feat.

What makes her style so wonderful, however, isn’t the wide spectrum of looks she incorporates, but rather the effortless way she seems to streamline all of the influences that inspire her into a style that is distinctive and original. So pile on those feathers, glitter, and sequins!