Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces

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Have you heard of these guys? Because you need to. I was wandering around Frenchman a couple weeks ago looking for a cool place to listen to some music with some friends and happened to end up at Vaso right as these guys were setting up. Being a musician, I can be very judgmental when it comes to local music–especially when they incorporate any type of funk or jazz into their tunes–so when they took out the brass I was instantly interested. I parked myself right in front and put on my bitch face ready to either be blown away or judge the shit out of them. (Side note: Dear local musicians, I am so proud of what you do. You have to put up with judgmental people like me all the time and more often than not you end up seriously impressing me. Plus, it takes a lot to get up there and do what you do. A++ to you.)


Warning: I will dance to anything that has a good beat.

And do these guys have rhythm.

They started their set with a cover of Express Yourself and my feet would not stop moving. Tyler has such fantastic stage presence and all of the guys (besides being attractive, ladies) have personalities that shine throughout their shows. They play a wide range of material and sneak in originals songs here and there. Honestly, until they told you their song was an original you would just think that it was a really great song that you can’t believe you’ve never heard of and want to dance to for the rest of your life.

Seriously, though. I came into Vaso in a vintage blouse with buttons down the back and by the time I left the shirt was soaked with sweat and the only button still attached to the shirt was the top one. If you like to dance, these are your boys.

If I could put TK and The Right Pieces into one word it would be FUN.

You can feel the chemistry off of the stage. By the third song, the dance floor was packed, and there was no room to stand in the back. The vibes are great. They have a fantastic sense of musicianship and obviously put in a lot of practice time. They uses unexpected breaks like nobody’s business and really know how to make a rhythm & blues/funk song sound catchy and–in a way–pop-y.

Also, for most of their originals, the guys on trumpet, trombone, and sax usually have choreographed dance moves. If that isn’t a reason in itself to check these guys out, you need to reevaluate your priorities in life.


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They play every Thursday at Hard Rock. Get your ass to Bourbon and check them out!